Spinosaurus vs Carcharodontosaurus | The balance of power | Planet Dinosaur | BBC

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Spinosaurus comes across Carcharodontosaurus feeding on a carcass. A dangerous fight is inevitable. Spinosaurus has size and strength on his side, but Carcharodontosaurus has the more lethal bite.

Planet Dinosaur tells the stories of the biggest, deadliest and weirdest creatures ever to walk the Earth, using the latest fossil evidence and immersive computer graphics. Narrated by John Hurt.

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Comment (28)

  1. Interesting how the climate changed so drastically killing off such powerful creatures. Does the Earth continually change? Will we see more sea rising or ice ages? If it happened many times before does that mean it will again? Do we have any idea when or is data not complete enough? Scary how we may only exist on this planet for a fraction of time compared to the life of Earth itself.

  2. Spinosauras walked on all fours and swam it didn’t hunt on land and this is kinda obvious when u look at it at the end lik the whole spinosauras could never have balanced itself with those tiny legs and how far forward it was


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