Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo: Trump is his own worst enemy

CNN’s Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon discuss President Trump’s Twitter war against the media, notably a tweet aimed at CNN and Cuomo. #CNN #News


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  1. The lovers , lemon an Cuomo , when you 2 play ball do you switch up on catching an pitching , I'd say you switch up , what you are is highly paid liars you have no respect for yourselves that money isn't profitting you at all

  2. Don 🍋 head these guys are so bitter when they don't get their way it's amazing to me that they are still on TV they are a joke all of those hand signals are being noticed people are waking up to your b***** one thing these ladies cannot stand is being wrong

  3. Even on your own channel you're like to dislike ratio is horrible nobody likes you your political views are against the Constitution and you should be ashamed of yourselves at CNN!!!

  4. Looks like Chris Cuomo could not control himself when he was called Fredo because he is Fredo!!! His family considers him the stupid son!!!! He deserves to be an outcast for all of his misinformation.

  5. Don lemon has attacked so many people without any evidence he just forms his own opinion paid for by globalists!!! This man is not your friend!!! If you enjoy this content you are sadly mistaken these men are evil both of them.


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