"Big Time RV" Is Back!

“Big Time RV” returns with all-new customers, all-new RVs, the slickest new rides and bigger budgets than ever. Watch Sundays at 8|7c.


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  1. Your show is on TV and I know you have to be nice to your customers but I don't! Colin and Amy Arnold in episode 12 that have 2 large dogs need to be slapped. They allowed their 2 large dogs to CLIMB ALL OVER THE COUNTERTOPS, SOFA, "THE BED" AND IN THE SHOWER of $396,000.00 plus motor homes on the show. I was shocked and appalled that they would let their dogs behave like that in property that doesn't belong to them. They are just plain RUDE AND DISRESPECTFUL. I can only imagine how their house must look. I have 2 dogs and you can bet my dogs WOULD NOT be allowed to behave like that. If they owned the motor home that would be another story, but they hadn't purchased one yet. The dogs were all over all the motor homes they were looking at. If they had kids their kids would probably behave like that as well.


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