The potential weapons for a trade war

Richard Quest goes inside the trade war room to show you the strategies each side will use during a fight over trade and tariffs.


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  1. as if he was talking to a 10 year old…
    Germans and Chinese need to get off of their surpluses… behind closed doors both countries have been under MASSIVE criticism for many years now.. huge (hundreds of billions) trade surpluses are simply not part of free trade, and are unsustainable for the world long term…

    even for the country that owns the world currency, a trillion$ deficit is unsustainable, and both China and Germany have only achieved their surplus position via currency manipulation, the Chines because bound the Yuan to the dollar, and the Germans because their currency is bound to the rest of Europe through the Euro, so they don't properly overvalue as they should…

    What Trump is doing is economically insignificant, mostly rhetoric, but his claim, that the US is being screwed by its trade "partners" is correct…

    but what he should be doing is devalue the $,.. that would crumble their trade deficit with Europe much smoother and without retaliations, or criticism of him…
    the China thing is where he's totally full of it.. the Chinese have seen reason in 2009, and have done massive work to switch from export to their own single market…
    so that problem is gonna take care of itself the next 10-20 years..

  2. So the U.S. citizenry will now be able to ride Harley Davidson Motorcycles to their job at Apple computer ( with casual dress code), work at a higher nominal U.S. Dollar wage than their current job at Walmart, have gluten free pizza for lunch, then after their shift is done, ride their Harley motorcycles home, drink a shot of Jack Danial's whiskey and go to bed with a better income statement that now thanks to a fancy new "Trade War". Wow, this sounds great. There has to be an unforeseen catch somewhere.

  3. Trump is putting on a show to look good to the blue collar workers in the rust belt who are having doubts about voting for him again in 2 years…..chances are it might not go to far, he will give the impresion that he tried to stand up to wall street, but failed

  4. That 500 billions trade deficit is a lie created to start a trade war.
    It counts in full price of iPhone shipped in from China. Actually US company tooks most profit and China only earn 25$ a piece.

    The deficit did not counts in billions of dollar US ompanies made from franches such as Macdonals, Starbucks. Profits from US supermarkets and movies and Disney lands.

  5. We cant lose a " trade war" if we create a trade surplus exceeding no more than 10 billion per year on china it would cripple their economy. They would pay an arm and a leg to our famers because they have a billion plus mouths to feed

  6. Every war are good for the warring barbarian American, United snake are the most powerful nation in the world that is why war are good they creat tensions ,terrorists ,threat and propaganda lies instigateing disharmony and hatred among neighbouring countries supplying weapons to both sides and cheering them on

  7. Trade war slinging TVs and Cars at each other. On a serious note Trump has the balls to protect its most valuable asset, the American Worker, without the American Worker America is nothing. Put them all out of work and see what happens to America and its economy. You are all wrong, get back to basics you morons.

  8. CONTRIES no longer follow Us lies and manipulations. Devide and Conquer and same policy as British Empire. World War 1 was Started by British Empires because Germany was building Bagdad road and Russia was building TransSiberian road. Both treatuend British sea routes.
    Now crap about N.Korea just to devide Japan and China and Korea trade.And Ukraine to devide Germany and Russia from one another (as Brits did for 300 years).
    That's increasingly no longer possible.

  9. If the bad news bears in Asia ….really really want to. We, can end globalisim and free trade ….Tommorow. don't mean anything to us. We, can easily make that garbage here. With robotics …computers….And artificial intelligence. We can program machines. To, make 1000s of sweaters and sneakers for pennies. So let's go. Lloll…..

  10. A brave and intelligent move for the Americans to do this.. it has been a very long period of time American tradings around the world has been unfairly it's pay back time !

  11. You are completely wrong about this. Throw away those props. Trump is targeting Germany and China. They cant fight. Their economies are totally dependent on exports to the US, while the US is not – Harleys and Jim Bean cannot compare to BMW, Simens and Mercedes. They will have to agree to Trumps terms. No Leftist media, the sky is not falling and Trump will win this again.

  12. FYI, Mexico is the #1 client of American steel. China is alredy banned from steel market in the world but Canada is one of biggest exporter of steel to US. If Trump rise tariffs to Canada and Mexico, Why not both countries do the same to US? Mexico could hit American trade balance and get some good-quality canadian steel.

  13. No worries. This dumbass president is only lodging a war of mouth. The United States and its president is quite pathetic as it can’t do anything such as North Korea nuclear ICBMs.

  14. This trade war will destroy americas economy. If the US cant export than american companies will lose a lot of money. We are talking about a trade war with China,EU,Canada,South Korea, etc. We can not have a completly isolated economy this will destroy our economy.


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