Graham to Mueller: Did Barr misrepresent your call?

Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham sent a letter to special counsel Robert Mueller asking whether Mueller felt Attorney General William Barr misrepresented their phone conversation in his Senate testimony this week. CNN’s Sunlen Serfaty reports, meanwhile Jake Tapper discusses with The Lead panel. #CNN #News


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  1. Robert Muller is a Republican. The Fix has been in from the start. All of this was pre planned. Election help from Russia,Trump campaign getting caught, and choosing a Republican as Special Counsel. The only thing that will take Trump Down is this unsuspected arrest of Epstein,and if that 13 year old that Trump allegedly raped was connected to Epstein. This Epstein Case will be the end to TRUMP if he is connected in anyway.

  2. If Mr. Mueller refuse to come in court under "SUBPOENA" just put him in jail prison until he change his mind!!!
    There is always a way to bargain among the true revelators of true facts!!!

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    ❌He will kick corrupt moron liar trump (putin's puppet) out of the White house
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  4. there were never any Russians,    it was madam Hillary all along…… could have been worst people , with the help of the main stream media and Obama's deep state ( soros)….Hillary almost won…..thank god, there is a god….


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