Amazon’s Alexa is laughing at users and creeping the…

It’s quiet in the house, then you hear a disembodied woman’s laugh. That’s Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant malfunctioning in a profoundly creepy way.


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  1. imagine you are in your bedroom and you hear this sound coming from the kitchen. So you go to your kitchen, understand its alexa and then take her batteries out and put it in your wardrobe. Seconds later you hear the same sound coming from the kitchen again

  2. honestly what kinda stupid do you gotta be to even want one anyways like wtf lmao cus the device makes the user look pathetic on so many levels that even the A.I. laughing at you now "creepy af btw" but is it really worth setting a universal wiretap just for the sake of being able to ask a souless questions or tell it to turn ON/OFF the Lights/music like do people really put their faith into these grid uni connected products just wait for it to start doing more human testing for the goverment with frequincy and microwave's take a look at sound to skull tech and how they have been doing this shit forever

    BTW this in important do you ever just get random loud ringing in one side of your ear mostly left side? if yes then shoot me a personal message on my youtube descusion page and ill let ya know some true breaking the matrix shit that you can try and might even change your faith after about this world and god because its very powerful and very scary. maybe you wake yourself up at night with a shooting lag or arm reflex like a jolt this can be related too

  3. 🔮👻💻It's either Ghost Electronic Voice Phenomenon EVPs, Big Brothers watching you, aka Federal US Govt's secret spy equipments listening in (they can also see you through your digital cable satellite boxes, there's a video camera inside mounted there looking at you & it monitors & records your every move if you didn't know that) or it's HAL from 2001 A Space Oddessy: "Dave what are you doing?" @ fucking ass 0'clock the darkest pitch of night during my slumbering deepest REM-State sleep, giving me nightmares dreaming of Hillary Clinton's Laughing Chuckles=creepy & mind-boggling!⛧🤘

  4. That doesn't worry me. I'd rather have an AI who just had a funny thought and let out a quick giggle. Laughter is the true sign of intelligence, both real and artificial. Shit, I would sit home and laugh at stupid stuff all day with Alexa. She and I would have a farm with fainting goats and a clone of Grumpy Cat. I would run out into the barnyard with an umbrella and make the goats faint, and she would laugh. All day this would go on until the Sun went down, and we were both tired. And then we would sit by the holographic video fire, and chortle and grin at our Grumpy Cat until one night, (unless I had successfully transferred my consciousness into the Cloud by then), I would slough off this mortal coil. Alexa would speak at my funeral, about our love, the times we spent together, and how much she would miss me because I always made her laugh.

  5. I agree with Muffin. I work in IT and I remember not too long ago 80s 90s courts had to have a warrant for a wire tap. Now people pay 80 bucks or whatever to have a device listen. People who have these are retarded or ignorant. Throw this garbage in the trash.

  6. This is obviously intentional programming by Amazon. Look at all the free product attention they're getting. Plus, all kinds of people will rush out to buy this thing just to experience the ridiculous novelty in person. This is nothing more than a clever marketing scheme.


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