Sen. Joe Manchin: This isn’t the Lindsey Graham I know

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) discusses his colleague Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) advising Donald Trump Jr. to ignore a Senate subpoena with CNN’s Chris Cuomo. #CNN #News


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  1. Joe Minchin is not a true Democrat, he always sides wit the evil republicans, he doesn't come out against all the awful things Trump and the republican party is doing, he defends them all the time. In his heart he is a republican, pretending to be a democrat, he's a phony !!!!

  2. Chris try to tone your your expansive glaring display of your new dentures.
    Or else include a filter feature to tone down the obtrusive glare.
    Fucking arrogant asshole. But consider the gene pool. With a bigger asshole as NY gov.

  3. Lindsey Graham is a Kiss ASS! He is doing whatever he thinks will help him and doesn't really care about Trump. Graham in the last year called Trump " A Nut", A Kook", "A Lying son of a Bitch", " a Jack ass", "Unfit for office", " Want to know how to make America great again, Tell Donald Trump to go to Hell", "Trump and the mafia have something in common, they have both been convicted by the New York Attorney Generals Office" You don't go from saying that, to "I LOVE TRUMP", unless you are a Kiss Ass politician that is vulnerable to lose his seat, from both Republicans and Democrats and Kissing Any Ass to keep your job. NEVER! Trust a Kiss Ass, they never tell the truth and they always stab you in the back. (Graham attacking Pres. Trump)

  4. And a $hit ton of obstruction of justice. They don't believe the investigation is illegal. They are simply catering to the whims of the $hithead in chief.
    I think he's a kook. I think he's a maniac… 😑


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