Full Tyson Fury Road To Redemption documentary | No Filter Boxing

No Filter Boxing has been everywhere with Tyson Fury since he announced his return to boxing in November 2017.

Before his mega fight with Deontay Wilder on December 1st, we sat down with him in his training camp at Big Bear Lake to find out how he went from rags to riches only to lose everything.

This is: Road to Redemption…

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Comment (29)

  1. There is nothing false about Fury he is the real deal & only a knuckle head would deny that! not only did he wake up and get back on his feet after Wilder rendered him unconscious Wilder needed the bell to save him as his legs wobbled & he grabbed on for dear life once Tyson started fighting back people will be speaking about Tysons achievements in his boxing career long after he's retired he is an exceptional human being because of his mindset he proves everything an anything can be achieved if u have the right positive mindset that's why tyson is bigger than boxing like Ali cos he inspires all people boxing fan or not AJ could do with learning from this genuine man & give up being a product of PR & the rest of the people involved in manufacturing his career I hope he decides to take charge & be the boss an be genuine now that the wheels have began falling of an people r seeing the truth behind the false public facade his interview with Anne Woolhouse The Untold Truth exposed AJ terribly & people's comments revealed they have began to see the truth also.. sad really.. i hope he gets rid of his ego and starts being genuine this will turn his career around an people will respect an love him (not jus AJ cheerleader type fans) regardless of what happens in his fights.
    Tyson is people's champion & will be undisputed again 👑

  2. I would love to meet this remarkable human being…. I’m live in surrey now & won my first fight after 1:20 secs TKO after being on heroine 20 years (only 34)now) & training myself💯®️🏴‍☠️🧬🏴‍☠️❣️🐐

  3. Respect !! Respect, there is no other word for . In Germany they have said- after the Klitschko Fight- he was doped, after his retiring they ve said he is a coward. This is Tyson Fury who never wanna be a clown of the ASC `s or the typical boxing world, I think, and he is only authentic. Respect from Germany.


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