Snake-Like Robot Is Used To Dismantle Nuclear Facilities

This robot doesn’t hiss like a snake, but it does maneuver like one. LaserSnake2 is on its way to making the world a safer place. It withstands high-radioactive environments to help dismantle nuclear facilities. This involves taking apart and disposing of radioactive equipment. OC Robotics create snake-arm robots that are specifically designed for hazardous and confined spaces. What’s so special about the snake’s arm? The motors, electronics, and control systems stay outside so only the arm enters the hazardous environment. The core of the arm is hollow so it can allow cables, hoses, and lasers to enter through. LaserSnake2 could revolutionize nuclear decommissioning tasks that could reduce the typical costs drastically. LaserSnake2 was a $10 million collaborative project.

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  1. This could be the most efficient killing device the world has ever seen, snakes are our main predators and we just made one out of metal that can’t be stopped by a sharp stick

  2. I don't know for you guys but i clearly remember that there was some kind of show in which there were the potential results of nuclear/radioactive activities…

    You know, there was a brat's face for the sun's, a few abominations with geometrical ornaments, a burried submarine and a hose that spat solids…

    I think it were a prototype of some sort.

  3. Make the world safer?!? More like, sneak under your favorite recliner and lie in wait for the perfect moment in which it'll slither into your butthole and then laser blast yer colon!!! We're onto you robots… we're On TO YOU'S!

  4. It’s shaped like a penis feminists will be furious and call it the evil tool of the patriarchy. Of course this will count as misogyny and all men in the world will be blamed for manspreading, mansplaining, the war on women and other weird bullshit.

    I told you to keep her locked up in the kitchen but NOOOOOO you had to free her…. now look at this mess. LOOK AT WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!!!!


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