Remembering one of the darkest days in financial history

The collapse of Bear Stearns was one of the first dominoes to fall in the Great Recession. CNN’s Chief Business Correspondent Christine Romans looks back on what it was like to cover one of the darkest moments in recent financial history.


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  1. The events around Bear Stearns proves that without a doubt that an international conspiracy of international financiers controls the government of the USA! There were thousands of financiers who should have been put in jail for their illegal financial dealings that caused this financial calamity in the USA, but yet, not one of those international financiers in the banking community went to jail or for that matter were even prosecuted. Instead, the average, honest, hard working, law abiding white GENTILES got stuck with bailing out all of those financiers. And of course those financiers are all JEWS! Hence the term "You got JEWED and Screwed!" applies to all us honest white gentiles!

  2. So, let me get this, She's a REPORTER for CNN, who has zero beef or investments in JP Morgan Chase, why would She be "so scared" about it??? Her life is not in danger, the lives of Her family are not in danger….

    Oh Americans, you are so overly dramatic and stupid at the same time. You will drown in a drop of water, just to create attention to yourselves.


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