Anderson Cooper roasts Trump for Kentucky Derby tweet

CNN’s Anderson Cooper roasts President Trump for his tweet weighing in on the controversy swirling around the disqualification of the horse Maximum Security at the Kentucky Derby. #CNN #News


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  1. what’s even more amusing Anderson Pooper is your absolutely shitty low daily ratings. You can’t even break 1 million viewers. Meanwhile Tucker Carlson gets an average of 2.5 million viewers. See what fake news gets you??

  2. The Prez sometimes uses code. Germanic code is an ancient Hebrew practice. Maximum Security is the goal for the nation. Country House is when the entire world treats the United States as it's own house. The obvious winner is Maximum Security.

  3. Anderson is more and more descending into a spoiled teenage girl.

    How is it that Trump gets to you so easily? And how do you not see what you’re letting him do to you?

    WTF happened to this “news” network?

  4. If the average Joe had a whisper in his ear, from someone he TRUSTED, that he was being surveilled, then the average Joe would react with "Who the fxxk is doing the spying" and from the Oxford dictionary,, the definition of spying is ""A person employed by a government or other organization to secretly obtain information on an enemy or competitor."" Yet, CNN, MSNBC, NBC and the NYT, to mention a few, have been unable to accept that the people they support would ever sink as low as to "Spy" or, further, to believe that these organizations have people, such as CNNs so called Journalists, calling out "TRUMP IS A WARLOCK" so inviting the Special Council to ride in on a black horse seeking out the WITCH/Warlock , and thereby initialing a WITCH HUNT. The Main Stream Media CEO were bought by a very high level cabal, with a lot of influnce, and threat that , if you do not conform and HRC becomes the Black Queen, worth 50 points in "Hunt the Cxxt", then you are dead meat

  5. Words of mouth are dangerous. We don't having expertise,not enough. If I believed that Apple Inc.CEO and them party and the UN in Japan had saying 'no problem' with their safety so I am feeling dangerous.Where is the correct information? Can we create for the missing part? No matter who I consult with, in my brain, the habit of continuing to doubt others is just falling alone. This is a very dangerous death race…I want to go back to the university and I want to study again and more and more , but the nation never give to me my human rights.Prime Minister Abe will up to the taxs in Japan.
    They are crook so dangerous,I am feeling it.
    Best answer is to arrest.
    I am still slave in Japan.
    口コミは危険です。 私たちは専門知識を持っていません、十分ではありません。 もし私がApple Inc.CEOと彼らの政党そして日本の国連が彼らの安全のために「問題ない」と言っていたと思ったら危険だと思う。正しい情報はどこにある? 足りない部分を作成できますか。 誰と相談しても、私の頭脳では、他人を疑い続けることの習慣はただ一人で落ちることです。 これは非常に危険な死の競争です。私は大学に戻り、ますます勉強したいのですが、国民が私の人権を私に譲ることは決してありません。安倍首相は日本の税金を引き上げます 。

  6. To the average viewer of horse racing not familiar with the rules and responsibilities of jockeys when racing I can see why Mr Trump has the opinion he expressed. As a citizen of the USA as well as POTUS he has the right to express his opinion as often as he wishes about anything he wishes. I think Mr Cooper talks too much. Criticizes too much like most of the loonie left. Just yelling to be yelling. Protesting for the sake of protesting and all the while doing absolutely nothing to help our great country.

  7. Mr Cooper your vocabulary could use some improvement. If you consider that much of your audience are adults. Your choice of words is a bit immature. Mr Trump is a person. He has the right to his own opinion just like you sir.

  8. President Trump made a simple statement regarding one of Americas greatest national events, it was a bogus decision to take down the clear winner,just that simple c,mon act like an American for God sakes

  9. Pooper scooper knows the track can be wet and slippy sloppy and he does know about stuff that "hangs out". I could see the passion in his eyes when he mentioned those. Kudos, credit where credit is due pooper.


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