Chris Cuomo gives lone GOP senator credit for this

CNN’s Chris Cuomo says the GOP engages in “blind partisanship” when evaluating President Donald Trump’s judicial nominees. #CNN #News


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  2. If your elected representative doesn't fight for you, e-mail them, write them letters, talk to them, in the street, at meetings, on their own doorstep, phone them at the office and at home, deselect them, do not vote for them again, kick them to the curb.

  3. ‘Course I love that little latent love bird moment that occurs between Chris and Don between their shows when due to the unfair amount of social privilege that they enjoy they are able to inappropriately display their unsettling affection for each other

  4. I thought Don Limo’n was the stupidest man on tv but when I saw this ass-wipe panty-waist Chris “Fredo” Cuomo misquote his intellectual superior Tucker Carlson tonight I realized that he is in fact the biggest candy-ass tool on tv

  5. Chris can you please give message to Christian world that no one can make them change their religion. They are so afraid of Sharia law that does not exist in many Muslim countries. And tell me how people war watching me all the time in United States and now in Pakistan. Why I am being remotely tortured?

  6. Whoever votes for Democrat is a traitor too there country they have no honor or dignity them bastards set president trump up for a crime he did not commit they all belong in jail there agenda sucks it will destroy america

  7. Reagan, Mit Romney, John Kasich, Bushes, Obama, Clinton, John McCain got some respect for the Office. And rest of the GOP's like "let's see what bills we can pass to please our donors and hurt Democrats so that I can stay in office forever". And to do that, did they sell themselves to Trump. Public servants without humility and moral values will leave this earth unhappily coz it's all about winning for themselves and not about others.

  8. Chris Cuomo must be pooping his pants! He looks like he's lacking sleep! Why ?
    Cia cooper and chrissy should be nervous, after all their bullshit they must be beside themselves with fear, their Audience is shrinking faster than a johnson in the snow! So less brainwashed idiots are listening to their crap, more sheeple are recognising the wolves and good people with bad information are Awakening!
    NEXIVM will be hard to spin once the truth is public, implication and involvement by so many elites, Boom is NEXIVM!

  9. trump and all of the gop shills that blindly follow him, should be put in front of a firing squad for treason…nothing but a bunch of geriatric fucks, who want to bring the states back a century in rights/freedoms/progress

  10. President 0vomit wasn't even an American. He is a criminal. And Hussein 0vomit may be the first ex-president to lose all his presidential privileges when he goes to jail.
    BOOM WEEK! Many more to come. LOL Enjoy the show as DemonRats turn on one another like the rats they are, as the largest, highest ranking, numbers of politicians go to GITMO. Let's pray; Dear God… may HELLary Rotten Clinton & Hussein 0vomit be included in the number jailed for life. Please, dear Lord!

  11. I disagree that its an issue of partisanship. Mr. Obama showed that the white aristocratic class can lose power over our system of governance. In order to protect their power they have to attack women and any other religion or heritage that gets close to "ruling" in order to keep people subconsciously biased toward white aristocrats when voting.


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