Tiger Woods reacts to missing cut at The Open, looking forward to going home | Golf

Tiger Woods admits that he needs to rest and is excited to take some time off to re-group and prepare for the PGA Tour’s FedEx Cup playoffs. He looks back on his day at Royal Portrush, saying he saw a chance to get back into The Open but struggled on par 5s, adding “I kind of grinded my way around the golf course today.”

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Comment (32)

  1. He missed a cut in a major he isn’t done people, relax and just remember he just won the Masters! People are so quick to forget and most of these people saying he’s done don’t even play golf and don’t have a clue what it takes.

  2. Has it ever occurred to people that he might just be enjoying playing golf? The expectations are so unrealistic doe him its crazy… hes not going to dominate like he did before…Nicklaus played FOREVER past his prime cause he loved it…on top of that, he gets millions just for playing from sponsorships and such even if he doesn't make a cut…I play golf for free man, in golf tournaments that I never win too…if I had a chance to make 7 figures playing a game win or lose. Why would you not?

  3. If he never wins again…I'm he got one more and didnt "go out" the way it was headed 5 year ago…its stupid to think he could comeback and be as dominant as he used to be…he is the most dominant golfer ever (notice I said dominant, not greatest)…for prime, he was so above and beyond the rest of the field it was almost a joke…he could very well end his career today and be solidified as at least the second best golfer ever and by many arguments the best ever…nothing to hang your head about anymore, had a hell of a year, a hell of a comeback, and I'm happy I got to see that fist pump in that Sunday red and black one more time

  4. He never looked motivated to win this tourney. He looked tired and worn out each day. At the Masters, you recall how pumped and determined he looked? Chewing that gum and power walking to each shot and each tee box. He looked like a man on a mission from the jump. Hope to see that Tiger again somewhere soon.

  5. Tiger woods is a total fake , He made a deal with Niki and the PGA to push him as the next great player to sell products and pump up Golf …When they want him to win , he uses a remote control ball. He is totally MK ULTRA mind controlled. Nothing but a fake …and not a very nice one at that ..

  6. Quit watching espn because of the bullshit political crap that they let happen. First it was a black racist bitch, and now it was that white bearded piece of shit. By to espn, overated and have other sport venues.

  7. Tiger's "fused back" is the his biggest problem. If it's holding up well, not deteriorating or breaking down. He can and should play well at any tournament. He simply needs to maximize his shot-making and scoring capabilities. His age has nothing to do with it. Playing well is definitely mental for guys at this level. TOM WATSON Proved that.

  8. Gutted tiger didn't make the cut wouldve been amazing to see him in the flesh big Phil too tho was there on Sunday and saw JT JS PR SC JF JBH DJ BW KK,,,,,,all Americans I've never seen before pity I could only go on Sunday but great anyway to see big Shane take the win

  9. glad to see him smile….
    always remember that if you have come this far..especially to come through from the hardest period of his life…what is more difficult than to carry your reputation and not being able to compete and at the same time see the kids growing up….not seeing him in that light of a great champion….it is the hardest…but you came through and won the Players in 2018….that was so miraculous…yet. a year later, You won the Masters ….thinking back through all the competition I have watched, this victory was beyond miracle…it has no explanation…how come, 3 players of champions caliber would hit water at the 12th hole, one of them was Koepka who had wowed that "every players are keen to stop Tiger from winning"….and he finished 1 shot behind Tiger….this victory was God-given, people-given, destiny-given….it was meant to be so….it means something and someone who lives somewhere does not want to see your golf life and glory end….take time to rest, do what you think is best… enjoy and appreciate your life and what you have accomplished….then the answer that you seek will come again…

  10. He won the masters, changed his life and now is a better person for it…he should be proud of this season…15 majors…hes had an amazing career, however…I wont say "hes not going to win another major"…weve seen what happens then…its improbable but nothings impossible with this guy

  11. After Tiger surpasses Sam Snead's PGA Tour record, he should retire. He has to think of a future beyond golf. That Masters win was the most remarkable moment in golfing history. All those trolls who said that Tiger would never win again were hiding in their mum's basement for weeks afterwards. Tiger has nothing left to prove. He is the greatest golfer of all time.

  12. LOW POINT IN YOUR LIFE??!!! You've been rich your entire adult life never have had a job to wake up to, so low point…… yeah I don't think so, and no one cares about you cheating on your wife millions of men and women cheat on each other!

  13. Fully agree, but Tiger at 43 is nothing compared to Tiger in his younger days. Unfortunately couple that with the many health issues he has suffered. I think he will still win a few more tournaments, he’s a great competitor


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