Spygate! Rio Ferdinand, Joe Cole & Chris Sutton agree there's been an overreaction

Rio Ferdinand, Joe Cole and Chris Sutton reflect on the row surrounding Leeds United’s ‘spying’ mission on Championship rivals Derby County.

#PLTonight #SpyGate

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Comment (36)

  1. Then… close the doors!!! haha. In Argentina not every team or coach does it. First, it's a big territory and expensive to send people every week to the rival's cities. Second, the coachs knows it better because of the press or inner rival filtration, than of a scout in the rival training pitch. Third, most coachs have 1 o 2 special days where trainings are at "closed doors sessions", nobody, not even the press or second auxiliars are allowed. There are security guards too. So, my advice… CLOSE THE DOORS!!!

  2. Bielsas translator in the briefing did a bad job conveying some of his words. Bielsas main idea that he tried to communicate was that he doesn't need to send a spy he showed all the work he has put in, he has an analysis of every team, every player from that team since last season, that saying he wins because of the spy is not consequential. That he does it to keep his anxiety levels low before the match.(he is that obsessed with his work)

  3. NEWS FLASH. A bloke went for a walk, on a public footpath , and looked over a hedge, with NO cutters. Maybe Derby County should have points deducted for disrupting Leeds, and the whole footballing nation. Also why is it taking so long for the FA and the EFL so long to decide. Bielsa has said everything they need to know, in great detail, but we still all wait. Maybe becuaue their's nothing to investigage, because Bielsa's done nowt wrong.

  4. No interest in hearing what Rio has to say on football issues anymore. The guy has lost all credibility. I am, on the other hand, interested in his tips on how to commit adultery – something he is clearly an expert on.

  5. Everyone is missing the point, look at all Bielsa's analysis, does anyone really think that watching 1 training session made any difference to anything. I'm so fed up of hearing about this. It's only because it's Leeds that it's newsworthy, if it was Peterborough, Hull, Rotherham, Preston or the like it'd have been a case of here today, gone tomorrow.

  6. Chris Sutton is spot on here, diving is FAR more serious and yet the EFL and FA just sit back and ignore it. This "Spygate" thing is a joke, had this guy have been tresspassing on Derby's property then by all means, sanction the guy and the club but the fact is, he wasn't, the police took no further action because no offense had been committed, so why is there such a hoo ha over it? Derby wouldn't have beaten Leeds in any of the 2 games they played this season no matter what they did, the gulf in class was so vast in both games any tiny tactical advantage wouldn't have made one iota of difference.

  7. Spying or no spying over the 2 games I watched leeds were far better than derby, they never gave them a second on the ball and there is not many teams that do that home and away against derby


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