Here’s why quitting Facebook is so hard

Cutting ties with Facebook is more complicated than just deleting your account. CNNMoney’s Laurie Segall explains.


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  1. ✨Gonna argue all these points✨
    1. To keep up with group events you can follow sub reddits for your city, check out local event websites and use twitter
    2.No one needs tindr or Airbnb to date or find hotels. They are not necessary. I would argue Tindr is toxic for your dating life.
    3. And creating new logins is honestly super easy. It's just a little less convenient.
    4. The Spotify one is stupid. Before you delete Facebook simply set your playlists to public. If you make a new Spotify account you can download any/all lost music from that public playlist. If that doesn't work, you can just find the songs again. Simple!
    5. "There's no going back". It's as easy as making a new account and adding your friends back. You don't really lose anything. Archive your pictures and stuff before deleting and never look back. But if you miss it, you can always sign up again.

  2. Holy fuck… Might as well rename this vid, how not to quit Facebook.
    Look people, if you like to take it up the ass by a smarny SOB like Mark Zuckerburg, then by all means stay addicted to your meaningless little dopamine hits.

  3. If any company deserve to be fine it would be Facebook. They kept on selling user data even without our premission. Now, that data is out there for any hacker to get and use. Please, Congress fine facebook for a billion dollars. I’m tired of this company taking our infomation and miss using it. They definitly broke the law by grab data from our phones and user profile.

  4. Don't keep using social medias people come on, I hope this is a warning sign.
    You're letting them deprive on your most impulsic behaviors.
    They are all sociopaths and see you as test subjects for their phsycological game to make as much money as possible.

  5. It’s not really that difficult, There’s always SC anyways 😂
    I deleted my in 2015 when I graduated from high school, Best decision I ever made!
    Never regretted and it sucks anyways with all the fake accounts and baby boomers ruining it….


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