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A diet of Leverett’s will not be enough to sustain a growing pup or feed an entire Wolf pack, so bigger prey is needed. The problem is bigger prey like the Hare are incredibly agile and can run up to speeds of 60 km per hour. If this Wolf pack are not going to go hungry, they will need to hunt as a unit. Subscribe: http://bit.ly/BBCEarthSub

Taken From The Hunt.

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  1. Olm boşuna Türkün sembolü deil başta 2 kişi yoruldular yanlarına dostları gelince yarram bi tavşanı yakalayamadın amk senin dedirtmemek için yarım saatir kovaladığı tavşanı 2 dakkada yakaladı kurt adamdır auuuu

  2. This is so random, but I’m not sure if the wolves making those noises at the beginning were edited in or not, but almost all of those sound affects are in the WolfQuest game lol.


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