Cooper: I was wrong when I said this was ‘not normal’

CNN’s Anderson Cooper blasts President Donald Trump for his impromptu press conference where he railed against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and called himself a “stable genius.”
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  1. oh my goodness Bill you just described what i use to do when obama was in,,, i'd wake up drink my coffee listen to the morn. news and i would hear what obama was up to for the day and i would say to meself you gota be frik'in kidding me .and it wasn't just one day i swear it was everyday that man wanted to bring America down in the world to 12 or 13 th. place and he did a dam good job of it more National debt than all the presdients combined with g.d.p. growth ,so Bill i think you know the truth ,really you should vote for the person not the party Bill , by the way obama is a fraud because hie real father is Frank Marshall Davis he a big fat liar…

  2. I cant believe what i am watching , America voted for this guy to spite Obama? so as to make sure Obama care don't succeed ? Shame on all of us! Trump lining up his subordinates, telling them to confirm he was calm during his meeting with Nancy pilosi is just what idi-Amin and Saddam Hussein were doing during their reign of terror

  3. What normal person could endure the onset of criticism in mass volume, on every tv channel and for how long bf they break. Trump may not quit even if broken but his behaviour would reflect the abnormal effects. Bullying in this volume should be illegal.

  4. It's not normal for presidents usually. Trump has made it the new presidential normal, and will be until he's gone. Believe nothing he says in his narratives, they are insane. He is like a spoilt child. He is the biggest snowflake, the irony 😂.

  5. You know what Cooper, it's been said that CNN and their reporters were and still being paid by Hillary and the DNC to report what they tell you to report. Could that mean that you to are guilty of treason, corruption and part of the coup. Could you be going to GITMO with the rest of them. Naw you'd probably go to a regular federal prison, you are not important enough. Good luck sir to you and yours.

  6. OMG he wants a fucking gold star for not acting like an infant. This is ridiculous. And when he's accusing other people of waving their hands and raving….I just….*sigh*. Guys. Please. Vote. End the torture of the rest of the world and fucking save yourselves. Pretty please?

  7. Donald, you are a sick puppy. Your "people"–the people referred to accurately by Hillary Clinton as "deplorables"–continue to support you regardless of any crazy thing you do. You are too stupid to know the limits of your own knowledge (e.g., foreign policy, trade, environment). Smart people know their own limitations and seek counsel from people who know more than they do. But you claim to need no counselling. Do the right thing for the USA–resign before you do more damage to the USA and the world.

  8. I honestly can't listen to Trump talk anymore… it makes me want to throw up, these people are working for him because he's like he is.. someone has to mind the country in some way.. All i can say is watch the book deals when this is all every single person who has worked in that white house.


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