From small beans mighty trade wars grow

The next front in a Sino-American Trade War could be the mighty soybean.


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  1. US Republicans wants to boycott everythingmade in China and bring back the companies because they think everything made in China is cheap. Well they right about the cheap part as far as labor goes. But what they don't realize is that those companies are actually US companies, just made ore assembled in China. If those companies was to be braught back to US. Who will pay for those items at three maybe 4 times the cost? You think I want a 3 thousand dollar iphone or a 100 dollar toaster when i can get one similar for 10-15 dollars? Or a pair of shoes for 50 bucks instead of 200 for the same shoe? US will pay say a minimum of 12 bucks an hr to work a 12 hr shift. 148 bucks a day making iphone when in China gets paid 2 bucks a day on a 12 hr shift. How much do you think is cheating who? Boycott everything in China and see who will lose. China can still manage and US will have to pay their workers at least 5p bucks an hr just so they can purchase the stuff that was made in China. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  2. The US has been talking, talking, and complaining for years. Has done no good to solve trade/intellectual theft problems. Other than tariffs, what are we to do? Keep things the way they are? Complain some more? Bitch, gripe, etc.? Solution, quit being so scared to take a daring stance – add more tariffs – that's the solution. Or just do nothing and let them strip us of our wealth.

  3. Well we wanted a β€œ business man β€œ in the White House. Welcome to the clown show. Pornstars, playboy bunnies, reality stars, woman on planes, woman on trains, revolving door in the White House .

  4. Trump is right.
    China dumps 500 billion worth of goods more to the USA.
    It is unfair.
    Chinese are trying to dominate by dumping their cheap products and conquer market share.
    Trump is a businessman and knows how to negotiate.

  5. If you look at who we import steel and aluminum from it becomes plain to see. This is about Russia, too. In plainly available import stats, by rights, this would be much more about Russia than China. Like otherwise untouted sanctions against Russia no one could remember writing into the Omnibus 2018 Bill.


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