Why oil prices are rising

Oil prices have been climbing, reaching the highest level since 2014. CNN’s John Defterios explains what’s driving the rise.


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  1. Want more and more hike the price of oil. That's why man can not efforts oil. Results will bycycle, battery, solar and related other industries will develop future. Will pollution free world. People will get more life.

  2. Bullshit!!! They do this every year specifically around this speciffic summer and traveling time of the year. For no reason other than increasing profits by asking thede fuckers here to lie for them and make up a crises reason that is not there. LOOK WHAT THE PEOPLE IF BRAZIL ARE DOING ABOUT THIS BULLSHIT. THEY HAD ENOUGH.

  3. Enjoy your tax break! While my billionaire friends and I at OPEC, the Middle East, Netanyahu, Putin, Kim Jong-Un, Xi Jinping, the Sadi Prince, and Jared Kushner make money off your back. I also informed all of my billionaire cabinet members that I would be doing this so they could invest in oil to become even richer without paying taxes so you could make them richer have a happy summer.
    Thanks again,
    Donald Trump.

    PS isn't that the way it works? Brilliant."believe me" "incredible," "Winning", "historic," "we're going to round you all up in a nice humane and squeeze everything out of you that we can. this is the way I am   making America great for billionaires again.

  4. All it is ,is a RIPOFF> there is no need to charge $70 a barrel for oil. $50- %60 is more than enough. You are just going to kill the ecomony if oil prices are not rolled back.

  5. CNN Money. Great report on the laws of supply and demand. I recently released my Youtube video on Money titled Giving and Receiving can be accessed with rev. waldensmith. No obligation but thanks for viewing these timely messages if you can on Money etc prepared to bring hope, encouragement, inspiration etc from a different perspective.

  6. Loooool CNN Bullshit. China just cut its imports from Saudi Arabia by 40% for the second month in a row. Costing Saudi a huge loss. Why? Because they claim the hike is "unjustified" . They know Saudis ambitious plans need funding and their failing wars in Yemen need funding. So Saudi decides to screw the whole planet for threir own games. But that God for the Chinese who are so logical.

  7. It's because capitalist pigs are greedy for more money.

    I just watched the entire video. Let me rephrase what I said.

    It's because American capitalist pigs want oil hegemony. Fuck them.

  8. Trump is cutting green energy, air and water pollution, and will end solar and wind power energy spending. He's also planning to get rid of the tax incentives to buy electric vehicles. Coincidence? I don't think so. With Trump and Republicans is drill, drill, drill. And the rest of us is cough, cough, can't breathe.

  9. Basic business. High demand, low supply…maximum profit.
    This is a big problem, and they really should stop dramatically increasing the price. It's probably why these big oil companies are worried about the flood of electric cars being adopted more as prices for these electric cars goes down and the cost of owning one goes down.


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