RNC chair on Alabama abortion law: We are the party of life

CNN’s Alisyn Camerota asks RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel how she feels about the recent abortion law that was passed in Alabama. #CNN #News


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    Gillibrand is stupid, she makes false equivalencies saying that pro
    lifers are like pro slavery. HERE is the correct equivalency, with a bit of
    informative preface that might not be liked by the stupid PC crowd:  

    FACT: males and females are NOT biologically equal. So they
    need to be made to have equal RIGHTS. Females can have something implanted in
    them, willing or not; wanted, planned or not, that grows, makes them vomit for
    quite a while every day, sucks the calcium out of their bones, and eventually
    emerges out of their womb, amidst a ton of pain, sometimes for hours, emerges
    as a new person.  

    Now, this can NOT happen to males, it can NOT happen to
    totally changed trans men or any stage trans women either. This can ONLY happen
    to people born female that remain female.  
    Therefore to be "pro life" OR more accurately ANTI somebody
    else's ABORTION is to make these females SLAVES to the implantation, SLAVES
    that must become incubators for the thing that got implanted. I do not care if
    the implanted thing is living or if the implanted thing develops into a
    person.  The female is a slave to

    this Due to this difference in their biology, they are made into slaves of what
    gets implanted and if they choose to get rid of what got implanted, they must
    be legally able to do this if they choose. If they want it to develop and get
    born, they already have that right. NOBODY is trying to force abortion on
    anyone. But there are people trying to force 9 months of slavery on women that
    want to get rid of what got implanted. 

    This should be the end of the argument. Yawn, it won't.
    Correct equivalency COPYRIGHT by me, Tani Jantsang Feel free to spread this
    around, word for word, with my attribution. 

    Need to make that next day abortion pill available OTC and
    cheap fast. You can take it after any sex that might lead to pregnancy and I
    think its safer than birth control pills, not sure 

    Dr.Levotino changed his stance after his adopted daughter
    was killed by car accident.  Too
    bad.  You can't force women to be
    incubators to unwanted pregnancies. 
    THAT is slavery.    PERIOD.

  2. Their the party of life but they're locking up kids at the border and separating families. Trump canceled a health care program for children his 1st year in office. Canceling a lot of EPA regulations is putting people Health at risk. So tell me again how you're the party of life?

  3. How many 12 year old incest rape victims are there?, and if so y punish unborn child, u should KILL the parents that let that shit happen!? The answer is less than 1 percent so y even mention that?

  4. Yeah, forced that 14 year old girl who was raped by her step father to drop out of school and have her rapist child. Let’s Make America Great Again, with more school dropouts and more unwanted children. Opps there goes the crime rate. Maybe we should drop the age that a kid can purchase a gun to 15 as well. It’s the wild, Wild West! Is there a shortage of bodies for our oil wars? morons.

  5. Exceptions to abortion law for cases of rape and incest send a message to me and to the other thousands of people who were conceived in rape that our lives are not valued at all. We are just as worthy of life as anyone else. It’s past time to stop singling
    us out for death by abortion because of our biological father’s crime.

  6. “We’re the party of life” she said and there was no logical challenge on that point on specific policies pushed by the GOP that support that bogus narrative by the host???? US indeed has some shitty journalists who pander to right-wingers and it’s no wonder Ben Shapiro melted down on BBC when interviewed by a FELLOW right-winger in Andrew Neil.

  7. Taking responsibility for your actions? Having respect for the live of a future human being who doesn’t deserve to be killed? Wow women has so many struggles how can they even survive with all this opression😖😖

  8. Some consistency from these imposing hypocrites might be nice. "We are the Party of life."?? What? Ya'll love nutty wars (lots of unecessary death), ya'll love no restrictions on firearms inclduing machine guns (bumpstocks) and repeaters (death daily in the USA), and ya'll claim you love life in all its purety. Holy crap!

  9. Killing mass murderers is wrong, but killing 6 and 8 and 9 month old babies is 'a choice'…building a wall is immorall, but killing babies with poison to the heart is fine…you democrats must be so proud! Your ethical and moral standards remind me of Nazi Germany…you remember those people who chose who were fit to live and not? Sick and handicapped people were not valued enough to be part of society. Remember those people? Have a look in the mirror…

  10. To you crazy people that think this law is good:

    Lets say you have a 11 year old Daughter. She gets raped. She is scared, hurt, ashamed and confused. But YOU tell her "Thats just something you gotta live with, beacause youre a female, you must have this baby, beacause otherwise YOU are a MURDURER"

    Your daughter goes through almost a whole year of not being able to go to school, puking every morning. Her friends leave her, and people bully her beacause "SHES diskusting".

    Then she gives birth. The most intense pain in the world. And now it is FAR to late. A new life is here. But an UNWANTED one.

    Your daughter is still a child herself, shes 11. She will not be able to raise this baby. She must give it away.. Even tho billions of other babies are alredy waiting for new homes..

    Abortion is not a beautiful thing. But beacause of situations like This, the Law in alabama is Sick…

    And if You still think that All abortions are the same. MURDER. That should NEVER EVER be done.. Then i just feel sorry for you. But, I hope I made you realize how serious this situation is

    Sorry for bad english


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