Lawmaker calls Barr’s interview on Fox News ‘stunning’

Rep. Madeleine Dean (D-PA) says that after Attorney General William Barr’s interview on Fox News, he is sounding more like President Trump than impartial law enforcement. #CNN #News


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  1. Russian trolls on all fox comments! Framing and blaming, but just trying to divide Americans. Trying to create political instability. Russia FAILED, and they blame us. NO NEED TO ARGUE, WE VOTE!!
    …..the Mueller Report is NOT about trump, its about Russia Trolling, they call triggering. Get it? We shoot each other.

  2. "We wont be thrown off " . Truer words have never been spoken. You WILL be THROWN OUT.


    Dont you people even care that AMERICAN CITIZENS are dying EVERYDAY because you refuse to recognize that we dont have a country any longer due to the fact we dont have a southern border.

  3. Tick tock. Wait until we see what Barr, Durham and the IG report out. Won’t be a good place for the last administration. 😘. The Left is still chocking on the Muller dud. Trump 2020!

  4. The silver lining to Trump being president is that all these bad people in the Republican party are showing their two faced ways and now everyone sees. They ruined not only their career but also tainted their family name for generations to come.

  5. My head spins constantly .
    Republicans are Spineless , balless , and so Guilty of turning a blind eye.
    They will be Judged Poorly , Historically they'll be looked at like a joke .

    is in throes of indigestion from taking a bite too big for his
    stapled stomach.Mueller was designated to impeach Trump since his
    Moscow trip Sept 21 2009 to
    sell Hillary Uranium to Putin. He knew
    his predicament from that day
    on, 10 years later. Appointed to
    impeach Trump on May 17 2017 he
    failed to deliver Hillary assigned
    orders. “Director
    Mueller became director of
    the FBI in February 2001; so, Mueller was
    part and parcel to the
    cover-up of 9/11 and so was by deduction of
    the concluding means
    by which this hideous conspiracy took place,
    guilty of the crime
    and likely lied as did many others about the
    9/11events as they
    were frequently discussed and analyzed. Anyone who
    claims this man
    is innocent of corruption and any lies that ensue in
    the course of
    corruption, has not done their homework and mitigate
    toward the
    corruption prevailing in the U.S.”

  7. Yes , we only get about 75% of the truth about the news , it's not fake news!!!! The only thing that is fake news is the guy who sits in the top seat of the White House. He lies , insults people, he only cares about himself. The guy needs to go away.

  8. If you want to be on the inside, so to speak, on what's happening, while there's an impeachment carnival going on for those that like the bouncing shiny objects, our government is going to indict Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Powers, and others and they will indict and try them for spying on Trump for purely political reasons all at the behest of Clinton and Obama… and Trump gets elected again and a Democrat won't be elected for decades. Think about it. Remember it.

  9. How about PARAGRAPH ONE?

    Paragraph one is supposed to lay out HOW the investigation began. (Example: On March 19, 2016 John Doe called my office and said he overheard two men discussing their intention to blow up a church.”

    To this day no one knows Paragraph one. (Dan Bongino)


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