How Apple Can Fix Siri And HomePod

Google and Amazon are constantly updating their digital assistants and speakers while Apple is struggling to keep up. The Google Assistant and Alexa left Siri in their dust long ago. HomePod was significantly delayed, and it is still lacking many of the features found in the Amazon Echo and Google Home. Does Apple still have a chance of becoming a top artificial intelligence player or is it too late? We talked with Gene Munster, Loup Ventures Head of Research to discuss.

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Comment (45)

  1. I think in the iPhone 12, Siri will be unavailable, and turning it on won’t even run its own apps from Apple…

    And also the next president is going to be gru from that minion movie

  2. Apple is just smart to utilise the simple mindedness of Apple Fanboys. Buy something that looks cool and stylish. Find out you need a computer, so you buy a Mac with its integrated iOS and macOS systems, get a iWatch for that extra style, and some airPods cuz its cool and new, and heck, lets just buy the HomePod cuz its definitely more useful than that crap Google Home. Oh shit, I can't use Spotify on my Siri and HomePod… what? I can't play games on my Mac?? meh… all goods, I'm now part of the cool majority. As long as I have Apple products, I am cool and everybody will love and accept me.


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