CNN debunks Trump’s tweet about Flynn

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin and Gloria Borger discuss President Trump’s false tweet that claims he wasn’t warned about his former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn being under investigation. #CNN #News


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  1. You know they're not going to release anything from the White House today tomorrow or any day the transcripts. Teflon Don is lying about this. This rats is in the kitchen and nobody wants to go in and get him out and he ain't coming out quietly from the Oval Office on his own. He ain't coming out unless we go in and snatch him out by his short and curlies.
    Impeach the motherfuker now not tomorrow now.

  2. Cnn debunking things. Try starting with every news segment the past 3 years. Start there. Ratings at record lows. Hundreds of layoffs. Losing 10 million a year. Do u think the people believe ur Lies..Keep pushing Lies and Race Baiting And Virtue Signaling and Orange Man Bad Agenda. All the way to being off air..

  3. Gen. Flynn was set up by obama's corrupt intel guys. Comey even admitted he took advantage of the brand new Trump White House to sneak in to interview Flynn without getting approval from the chief of staff, the usual protocol. And then we now know that the agents who interviewed Flynn said they didn't think he lied!!!!

  4. How about Mueller testify. Let him tell you what HIS report says. Usually that's what u do. Go to the horses mouth. But your trying to make a story from the characters, not the one who wrote the script. Mueller was fully competent while the investigation was your narative for trump bashing, but Mueller failed your narative. Now what? How about moving to real and true news. You speculated for 2 years and your like kids. The outcome didn't fit your 2 year narative and now Mueller becomes incompetent 40 million dollars later. House n Senate also did the same investigation. 3 times this Russia narative was investigated, your still not satisfied, and you want more? What does that say? That says your trying to remove a president cause you dont like him, or you cant take defeat in the 2016 election, or greater cynical, trump just might do what he said and drain the swamp, and that includes knowingly and willfully slandering the president in order to change an outcome of an election. Hmm, that means you cnn.

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  6. Good Lord Brook Baldwin is beautiful. She looks like a Renaissance oil painting. Just gorgeous. And she has a functioning brain! She's as smart as she is pretty, and she's pretty smart. I feel sorry for the Baby Boomers having to get their news from Walter Cronkite.

  7. We are seeing, right now in America white people "rep & dems" covering another white guy and his family, the conman in the WH….
    Nothing is making sence right now….i don't get it! how could this traitor, this liar, could still be in the OO….i just can't get it


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