Cardi B on Selena Gomez, 'Hustlers' New Album, Kulture and More (Full INTV)

ET’s Katie Krause exclusively talked with Cardi B on the set of her new Fashion Nova campaign shoot, where she opened up about mom guilt, her body, Selena Gomez, filming ‘Hustlers’ with Jennifer Lopez, Offset and more!


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  1. Even though I understand that Fashion began to promote the female figure. Children need to be impacted along with men, because I know that we are acknowledged. I mean work with Huggies, Pamer's, Babies R'us and promote the house. Generations to grow need it.

  2. She did a really good job interviewing! She asked personal and professional questions without being too invasive or pushy and backed off at all appropriate times. As far as Cardi, she's always 100% unapologetically herself. ❤

  3. Cardi Mami……. please don't act fake like you did in this interview. Compare this interview to the last time you were on the TV show The View and you'll see what I mean. In this interview you tried to sound to over the top with your accent and mispronouncing words which you don't usually do. You seemed very plastic in this interview. Just a constructive criticism mami. Sorry.


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