Lemon: Nancy Pelosi is ‘shading’ President Trump

CNN’s Don Lemon says that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson are getting under President Trump’s skin. #CNN #News


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  1. This is what happens when we let people get massive control from money, they think they are God, above the law, and can't do any wrong. Look at all the men with too much power who have thought they were above the law. Matt Lauer is a perfect example. No one should have that much power ever. We are all equal and that is what the constitution is all about.

  2. Pelosi is a carnival barking distraction. The queen of smear. The past 2 yrs proves she is obviously crazy, she gets NOTHING done, and needs to be put in a home. She does not represent ME… I stand for America not Against. Trump 2020

  3. fucking hell, falling asleep as had the rest on in the back ground does this guy whisper BS all day, in this boring manner? Get a conservative on to take the piss out of u pal, and get your black card shined up to play the race card u fuking moron

  4. Got to 1 min 30 and I assume no conservatives on to give the truth to that thick lemon idiot. What a joke, I'd love to see the worst conservative debater take on that kunt. Very easy task of taking the piss with the TRUTH with this twat or any left wing idiot and there are plenty but a shame some get brains and see through the never ending BS
    Everywhere, watch FOX for a point of view and for you to work out something from the facts.


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