How Walmart is taking on Amazon

Between a flurry of acquisitions, strong digital sales and an increased international presence, Walmart is going toe-to-toe with Amazon in the online retail battle.


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  1. If Walmart wants to compete with Amazon, in my opinion and suggestion is to convert all their stores to Warehouses, not only they have the real estate advantage of the World, but also the proximity to their customers. People want their stuff in hours not on days. The main question here is the Automation and the Tecnology of Logistics, Amazon have the advantage here, for the moment.

  2. I don't know what's going on in the head Department of Walmart the CEO of the head people in that company are doing the worst job they could ever possibly do if they don't change or fired some people that store is going out. I have been a customer of Walmart's for years and I've seen it decline over the years but just recently I would say the past two years it has gotten very bad all of the merchandise that I have purchased from them seems to be the worst cheapest crap I have ever bought most of it does not work or it breaks very easily everything and that store has gone down in quality the only thing that is good for is the food and as we all know we can go elsewhere for that. In fact I am no longer buying anything that does not have to do with food from that store anymore I used to go there for convenience but it is better to go a little bit out of my way and go to a store specifically made for that item and get better quality merchandise then to buy from Walmart and have a piece of junk to deal with. And if they don't straighten your act up there going to lose the people that are going there for food too because we all know we can go to Kroger's or Albertsons or some of the grocery store to get our food. I hope that the CEOs of Walmart read my message they better get it together they're losing customers in droves by the hundreds each week who are our nation. What I said is a fact I recently purchased a DVD burner I have been buying Magnavox burners from them since 2006 2 every two years and recently I got the worst one that I have ever purchased and it is not due to the fact that this one is self is bad though it is it is also because they changed brands to make it cheaper for themselves not us and in doing so made the product to where it practically does not do half as much as they used to do and then very poorly I am so displeased with it that I'm about to give it away for free and buy one new at Best Buy or someplace like that I will never again shop in Walmart for nothing but food. I have recently bought last summer a window air conditioning unit they used to be constructed very well they had a plate in between that separated the outside to the inside temperature used to be made the metal jacket that separated the outside temperature from the inside temperature was made of a metal jacket with Styrofoam in the middle they recently took away the metal and just left the styrofoam they are getting cheaper and cheaper in their products and they think that we the customers cannot see what they are doing they think us to be foolish but we are not and because they feel that way towards us and their product they are losing customers hundreds every week throughout the nation soon if they do not change their ways they will go the way of Kmart I hope they see my message and get the message if they don't they probably will fall within 2 years. I recommend that all of you out there that are reading this message and know it to be true find somewhere else to buy your goods you will be much happier for doing so. Thank you for your time and you all have a good day.

  3. My experience with Walmart has been poor in their shipping of my orders either they are placed out in the open on my stairs or damaged where the contents are exposed. I do work at Amazon and I am also close to people who work at Walmart so I can testify that the work environments are different. Both are demanding but Amazon rewards your effort with employee benefits and support while Walmart in this area falls short. It will be interesting to see how both companies fair as they evolve their acquisitions or take lessons from their successes and failures.

  4. I own 3,000 shares of Berkshire Hathaway;
    13,500 shares of Apple;
    1,400 shares of Amazon;
    10,000 shares of Coca-Cola
    2,000 shares of GE; and other investments/real estate.
    I started investing when I was 17 years old. I am very tight with my money. I do not like buy anything. I only like to buy stocks.
    I have a economics degree from MIT, a finance degree from Harvard. In high school I was a book worm. My parents/lawyers would hire professors and they would come to the house and teach me advanced mathematics, economics, finance, and other subjects. I went to a private Catholic high school.
    Advice for the young-get into a private all boys or all girls school, do very well, study hard, forget about friends, score high on SAT, then you can get into Harvard, Yale, MIT, John Hopkins, etc.
    Good luck.


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