Ag Secretary: Trump’s tariffs not to blame for farmers’ stress

President Donald Trump announced a $16 billion taxpayer-funded bailout for farmers hurt by the escalating trade war with China, claiming Beijing will foot the bill through tariffs imposed on Chinese goods. CNN’s Jake Tapper speaks with Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue about the bailout.

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  1. Trumps hard nosed buisness tactics are not working. "Mexico is paying for the wall China is paying for the tariffs " Totally incorrect. Once again we the sheeple get the shaft.

  2. Soy bean in America now creats lot of job opportunies for American!! Trump can open factories to produce soy milk, tufo, veggie burger, veggie nuggets, soy oil and use soy waste to feed their pigs. Make America Soy Again. Good business.Soy bean in America now creating job opportunity for American!! Trump can open factories to produce soy milk, tufo, veggie burger, veggie nuggets, soy oil and use soy waste to feed their pigs. Make America Soy Again. Good business. Make sure you don't steal ip for making soy products.

  3. I am surprised they did not blame it on Hillary Clinton. These people are fucking liars, crooks, and nothing that this administration puts out can be trusted. We are not stupid, the tariffs are absolutely to blame for the farmers hardships. I mean that is a fact, period.

  4. you people do know the trade has been unfair he's the only President doing anything… if you people would just get together and make the dollar strong try getting a job quit bitching about America and buy America and do something for America

  5. ❌ Rump the Turd
    Lying & Stealing Money from
    American Households
    to Bribe & Bailout Farmers
    ❌ Sunny the "Best " Fool is a
    Boldfaced Liar, trying to
    justify Treasury Manipulated
    Statistics to hide the fact that
    Americans are the ones who
    are paying these Rump Tarrifs
    ❌ Everyone's Tax Rebates have
    just Gone Poof

    So How do you like Rump the
    Turd's Tax Plan for the
    Rich now ???

  6. the Chinese government will not pay the tariffs , tariffs paid by american people …. u idiot ! if tariffs is so good according to trump , why just shut the door and stop negotiate with china ? North Korea failed if trade talk with China failed ….. he's going to loss a lot of votes , 2020 bye bye !

  7. You want the tariffs to hurt farmers for political reasons. But the farmers (a fractions of the economy) can plant other things next year and sell to other markets. The Chinese can't just stop eating. They need to find a new supplier. That supplier can raise his prices because of increased demand. The countries he was selling to can now buy American food.

    And it stupid to say that tariffs hit the consumer when you can just lower income tax on those consumers. Food and shelter should not be affected. And it is not really a trade war when we have a gigantic trade deficit and a tiny exports to China. Stopping all trade with China would reduce the trade deficit by $375 billion. That is money that will stay in the US economy instead. Get a clue. Trump rocks on the economy.

  8. This is the absolute worst interview, it just completely confuses everyone with 3 different answer's. Jack says one thing, the old dude says no that is not true then Jack just moves on with no clarification. So… what the fck is the answer? Are the American people paying for Tariff or is China? Because, again no correct answer was given. Just different opinions with no God damm answer. Who the fck is paying for the tariffs?

  9. Communist news network will never admit that Trump has done anything positive. Fake news is one reason why CNN has lost almost 50% of its viewers. Trump has at least try to fix the trade deficit between United States and China.

  10. Yes it is because of Trump's tariffs and the GOP needs to take the blame for what's happening.
    Of course Trump and his minions ar is going to say its' not his fault, that's what they do because they are liars.
    By the way, we're subsidizing farmers with billions of dollars?! What happened to '' we will never be a socialist country'' ?


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