Richard Quest: Companies should follow Starbucks’ example

CNNMoney’s Richard Quest explains why Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson’s actions after two men were arrested in a Starbucks show companies like Facebook and Equifax how to handle a crisis.


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  1. Please CNN, I want to hear Mr. Richard Quest read the following nonsense rhyme on air:
    "I like to eat poptarts,
    I like to eat pie,
    I look at the ground,
    Then I look in the sky!"
    Come on CNN, you'll look cool and funny and hip. Pretty please, he has the greatest voice ever. Everyone give this as many thumbs up as you can and we'll petition them until he does it.
    The Great Hawk

  2. Fuck this shit. It had nothing with them being black but with them taking space in a fucking store and not purchasing anything also refusing yo leave after the manager told them to not to mention they fucking dared her to call the police. Fuck these sensitive liberal cucks. America is so fucking sensitive towards the wrong issue.

  3. “Crisis?” What!? The men refused employees requests to buy something or leave. The store isn’t a hang-out. Buy a 50 cent apple to shut them up. Instead, they loiter and get the police called as a result. The employee followed store policy as it applies to everyone. Then the men refused police orders to leave, because they are trespassing on private property, so they were cuffed and held for a few hours. What did Starbucks do wrong? Nothing. Nothing at all. Had these been two white men—assuming anyone cared enough to write about a non-issue concerning white people—the title would likely talk about how the white dudes assumed their “privilege” would keep them safe from punishment and the fact they weren’t jailed is proof of their privilege.
    In the end, the employee followed simple policy that virtually every restaurant enforces. The men were the ones in the wrong. Starbucks showed everyone how to bend under the weight of undue criticism by people who are just this side of using extortion. They implied that white people are expected to follow rules, but non-white people are less capable of understanding something so confusing, so their employees need special training on how to cater to them. That’s not expecting less of non-white people, it’s assuming non-whites don’t have the capacity to follow extremely simple, understandable, and justified rules.
    Which is the racist ideal again? Oh yeah, rules that apply to everyone equally. That’s not equality, apparently.

  4. Starbucks is offering lifetime free coffee to African Americans as reparations for what happened. If you're an African American, go in and demand your free coffee. If they don't give it to you, call them racist. You people are used to getting your way like that.

  5. Yes please follow the example of a company that just took its company policy which was not racist in the least it was based on best business practices for the area. Yes please nullify any private companies policy in favor of b*******. It is nothing new that if you want to loiter you have to buy something so you're not loitering. Had nothing to do with them being black it had everything to do with them being divisive and refusing to abide by the company policy. Basically Starbucks just set a precedence for the entire service industry. Get ready for more of this being the norm. These entitled sjw's are going to walk into your business and the man in the world and if you don't give it to them they will call you a racist and you will been to their will it is a deconstruction of civilization in America.


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