Howard Stern reveals phone call that ‘shocked’ him

Radio host Howard Stern tells CNN’s Anderson Cooper that he was shocked to receive a phone call from then-candidate Donald Trump when he was about to go on stage to be endorsed by Sarah Palin.
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  1. Love when the Trump zombies get mad at the truth, trump never attacked him after the interview, so obviously he knows stern told the truth, he knew the crazy fk tard for 30 years he only attack mostly blk ppl.

  2. Trump is a wild card that so happens to work some how. Everything he said he would do he did. Not so much for the Democrats, they have been shoveling the same sh*t over & over again. The majority of them have so much corruption & cover up it's not funny. What ever your views are and for who ever you consider in voting for please… please… Do a back ground check.

  3. I cannot stomach little rich gay andy cooper and If his new best friend the over rated and extremely over paid Howard Stern feels it necessary to belittle OUR President at andy's encouragement, then screw the both of them. Absolutely disgusting.

  4. Huge fan of howard since i was 16 back in 96 but remember him DEFINATELY SUPPORTING A BORDER/WALL (while Fred ran the chicken sounds in the backround which was hilarious btw). Howards turned in to a COLOSSAL PUSSY these days but worst of all DEF a lil Jealous of TRUMP its a bit obvious. Love Sterns show mainly cuz his staff and format now days but Howards def dishonest or flip floppy on this for sure! I miss the couragious Stern that told it how it is without the care of media and celebrity opinion…

  5. Anderson we want real news not low lifes that was so narcisist in every first 200shows. we dislike you and kellynryan and cnn can keep telling lies. google hsas forced you on us get off my laptop looser.

  6. Mr. Stern is a multi-million dollar celebrity who can afford the absolute best therapists on the planet and he goes to therapy 5 days a week.There are a lot of absolutely lame, low-rent "therapists" at the bottom and middle level who are wastes of your time and your money. "Psychotherapy" is not a science, nor a cure-all. He is also completely disconnected from the real world the rest of us live in, the world of getting up and going to work, sometimes 2-3 jobs 7 days a week, paying bills and choosing between paying the phone bill, the light bill, the water bill or the rent and all those pesky little life details that megacelebrities never have to worry about for the rest of their lives.

  7. Mr Howard, so you think that Bill Clinton was great president?
    With all respect to you, I was thinking that you have more brain in your head! and if you still thinking I am wrong, ask Rush Limbaugh.


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