Michael Bennet: Trump wants Democrats to attempt impeachment

During a CNN town hall, Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bennet said President Donald Trump is hoping Democrats will attempt to impeach him so that the Republican-controlled Senate will block it, allowing Trump to claim innocence. When asked about recent abortion bills being signed into law, Bennet said he supports businesses’ right to boycott, and that the country needs more advocacy and activism by the leading corporations in America.
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  1. If they stupid ass Democrats tried to impeach President this country will be in hell more than you'll ever know I hope President Trump drops the stock market if they try to attempt that that's what we need a restart.

  2. Democrats who wants to impeach Mr. Trump, they don't know with what fire they are playing, to Impeach Mr. Trump, only because they want? they don't know blood will run in the streets of America, because we are ready and want a Civil War, to finish the corrupts Democrats Party.. They work for nobody, only for their own intereses, who believe on them, is because that person is innocent and idiot..Look !!! they gave atol with finger, to DREAMERS, but Obama brought to America, thousands and thousand of Muslims, each man with 3 or 4 wives, and all of them with Citizenship, and protected with all Social Services… LATINOS DON'T BE FOOLISH, DEMOCRATS WANTS ONLY YOUR VOTE, disappointed with them..

  3. Five times I've heard probably … Probably isn't a reason to impeach someone…To say Trump wants to be impeach are you idiots mad ? God you've been spinning this for three years and in three years you've got probably…. You either have evidence or you don't a bunch of dumb wits bringing alone for the journey oh god I can't listen to this bollocks any more I'm done with this idiot news media..

  4. Wake up you moron democrats. Only 1 will be nominated out of 23 running for president, at least 20 has zero chance. Run for SENATE seats. Take the Senate back. Everything goes thru this present Republican Senate. Treasonous Trump will lose against any Dem.

  5. Its not going to happen to 2020 elections democracies have nothing to win against trump even to trump lied about Sen. Hillary election to find dirt on Hillary became of Papadopoulos which fired by trump and Jeff Session and Flynn involvement fired by trump and Cohen help in trump to pay hush money to Stomy Daniels and his affairs behind trump wife. Melinda back and Comey. FBI fired behind trump to lied and be loyalty to Comey in oval office mettings also Stone and rod Rosenstein fired by trump all this trump doing of Russia 2016 election Barr campaign lawyer and meetings in trump tower's against Sen.Hillary and get dirt by Russia officials for trump

  6. Come on Dems! What ya waiting for? Do it! We've been expecting you. We're ready. Let's do this! We were ready even before we elected him. We knew dems were supposed to place Hillary in the WH but we didn't let you. We knew!! You don't hate Trump. You hate anybody that wasn't Hillary! DS going down. Let's go!

  7. I don’t think you Trumptards realize how much Trump/Republicans has alienated our country in the last 3 years.

    Republicans screwed the farmers with tariffs, trying to take away women’s rights, hundreds and thousands of people got screwed over in taxes, the next generation of kids who watch their peers die in schools with no help from our active gop and frankly sucking off Russia, and oh the millions of people who stand to lose their health Insurance under this administration.

    It will be such a landslide victory for the blue like it was in the midterms. Not even Russia or Hillary could ruin it.

    So go ahead and keep drinking out your masters gold toilet bowl like your told. He’s going to suck you dry and all you’ll have is a crappy MAGA hat to show for it!

  8. Will be the end of that evil party if they try this is absolute nonsense it's time criminal charges were brought up on this president!!! No crimes were found they have no grounds to impeach!!

  9. He's gonna be the one I've got a feeling 😀I like Michael Bennet he's at a perfect age and probably good health,and a very intelligent person with good ideas and perfect temperment for the job!

  10. Bring it on Filthy Dem Commie Party! Just know even if you are successful you will be starting a bloody civil war. Winners take all! You can't undo the election of D Trump–so suck it up! lol

  11. You low IQ Liberals please start impeachment, but it will not matter we will reelect him and they're is not a God damn thing you azzpuppets can do about.


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