Jake Tapper: Trump accidentally admitted the truth

CNN’s Jake Tapper discusses President Trump’s tweet where he admitted that Russia worked to elect him in 2016, a conclusion that is shared by the intelligence community.
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  1. Why do you never here Democrats go after Clinton for this mess? Its all about Russians hacking Clinton network and embarrassing them. Dems are mad that social media gives everyone a chance to fact check and voice an opinion. Democrats believe the right to free speech is only reserved for their rich cult like think tank groups, when they want your opinion they will give it to you.

  2. Trump is an idiot. That said, who's to say that Trump colluded with Russia instead of Trump benefitting by happenstance of Russian agenda. I think the focus should not be demonizing Trump, but focusing on how to fix the misinformation problem itself. The congress hearings with Facebook was a joke. Scapegoating Trump for Russian interference isn't going to actually fix anything.

  3. Silly!

    Semantics are always the go-to when you paint the context for the opposing side. Or when you lack context, but it’s more news worthy.

    How can we trigger our audience and make them believe what hasn’t been proven yet? Let’s just keep saying guilty until we lose our voice. Even in a country that claims innocent until proven guilty. Just another double standard that the left is so eager to double down on their non-sense.

    Jussie Smollett is innocent and the president is guilty haha why, because you “feel” or “know in your heart” just not actual evidence and logic. “I feel”…… so it must be true and no one can tell me over wise or its hate speech haha.
    (Just a joke haha, don’t take my sarcasm too literal) not every progressive/liberal believes that, just how the media makes it out to be haha

  4. Wat are you fool's are still with is don't you fucken get tired of talking about the same thing over and over there way no collusion can't you get that in your thick skull you guys ant got nothing to do just gossip and instigating like little bitching

  5. See TRUMP= criminal Russia got him in 👀 he said it with his own mouth. See mr jordan while u so far up trump ass he can't see threw dark hole truth. Wow this is crazy.

  6. CNN is so right. I was going to vote for Hillary but a RUSSIAN followed me into the booth and I felt a sharp object in my side then a RUSSIAN accent say vote for for trump or I die. I was scared and did what I had to. CNN help us so this does not happen again. We need Hillary back. Give the green deal and socialism a chance. And abortions for all too. Keep the Russians away please


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