Anderson Cooper: This story is bananas

The Wall Street Journal reports that the Trump administration wanted the USS John McCain “out of sight” during President Donald Trump’s recent trip to Japan, and gave the sailors on the ship a day off. CNN’s Anderson Cooper discusses with Wall Street Journal writer Rebecca Ballhaus.
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  1. Stop insinuating that I'm a nut or a druggie Anderson it gets old. MYOB. You are not part of my life and I don't want you. I can lose weight if I want to you abusive creepy freaking weirdo. I wish everyone knew how much of an abusive maniac you are.

  2. The late Senator Mc Cain stepped in to help one of my finest ESL students, years remain lawfully here in the United States. That man is now a proud citizen, a teacher, a contributing taxpayer, and his children (born in the US), honor their West African heritage while enjoying a good, peaceful life in America. This and many other acts of kindness, intervention and advocacy are Sen. Mc Cain's legacy. Those who benefitted from this, will always hold him dear. Our spiteful, malicious President can bray all he wants: Mc Cain was the genuine article. In ways too numerous to count!! History will separate the men from the boys, BTW. And 45's will not measure up, except as a surreal, somewhat comic interval: when this country got off track and lost its compass… for a few years. That's it, folks.

  3. President Donald Trump will Honorably drop off all his hold up SACRAMENTS, straight to your office in CNN. Please be advised, qualify your assistance to clean up all the mess. Don’t you dare sacrifice the New Yorkers for anything about the immigration, sacrifice the Patrol officials, there not doing there job. What about the military building the Wall in the Boarder? Nothing is being done and the New Yorkers are passing away, dying in all areas. Could you could help me, investigate all movies and shows that are sacrificing innocent viewers, then we could move on. It begins with English language ONLY. After many international people arrive to visit US. I didn’t know where I’m living, I am also investigating a screening scandal from Channel 7, recording, after I moved in since Oct 23, 2018, while I was away from my Apartment during working hours. St Joseph Medical Center 1216 Bay Street Staten Island, NY is a Sacraments location, people are dying anyway in St Joseph community services. Please let me know if the Staff members are Floridians, from Florida. I am sacrificing them back, no other choice then to survive. Case manager Reneé Accurso. Previously from 20 Austin Place, Staten Island, NY

  4. Feedback: What is all this strange people trying posting in CNN to argue and present themselves, like a representative. Right after Trump is sending out another another message in CNN???????????? Please review on YouTube

  5. This 'man's' paranoia and pettiness will be perhaps the footnote of his entire presidency. Never before has anyone less worthy of such office been elected.

  6. I awaken this morning, went to the restroom to drop my morning glory, while listening to this pod cast, as I dropped my drawers to handle business, something told me to look before I sit, when I looked, I saw the most biggest shit turd,I have ever seen in my life! It knocked me back 3 feet, so I flushed it, it took 3 consecutive flushes and some chopping up with the plunger to get it broken down into smaller pieces, so it could part thru. After my last flush, I noticed, skid marks at the bottom of the toilet! The chick I was releasing my load into, the night before, was still asleep, i looked at her with malice in mind. I felt the heat of the disrespect growing inside me. I went into my kitchen and grabbed the biggest bowl in my cabinets, filled it with cheerios and added milk, grab a spoon and sat on my den couch,watched TV and ate those damn cheerios…….. true story!


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