He broke with GOP under Nixon; hear his advice for them today

Former Republican Congressman and Senator William Cohen sat on the House Judiciary Committee during the Watergate impeachment inquiry. He joins CNN’s Wolf Blitzer offering advice to the GOP about breaking from their party.
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  1. let's be honest. If this guy were still serving in Congress he would be a trump lap dog just like the rest of them. The only reason he is saying something is because he doesn't have an election to win

  2. Fuck John McCain, Donald chump, and Jeffrey Epstein and all the paid officials fuckin children…
    Fact so fuck you if not come sue me because you ain't bout to shoot it out… if so let's do this… message!!! The shoe fits wear that mf

  3. There is a portion of the base that WANTS the Constitution overthrown. It interferes with their agendas.

    Evangelicals and white Nationalists know they can’t get Constitutional amendments via the approved process so they are trying to do it through political action, undermining faith in government, and through SCROTUS picks.

  4. Too bad this guy is gone, The American people could use 10 of him, 10 will be worth a lot more than what we got up there right now, riding the gravy train for their Lordship, traitor in chief and super draft dodger Pro. Get ready folks, this election coming up will not be ready for what is coming, the last one was the beginning this next one will be the End! Blue wave all the way, let's take America back an show the world how great we can truly be!

  5. The Republicans Russian Party will only do what is White vs. Right. They will continue to support White Supremacy. Stop the hatred. Vote 2020 – minority is the majority in America. God has brought this to light.

  6. Trump's insanity HAS exposed the GOP for what it is and has always been (in my lifetime, that is, 70+ years). But the GOP is the real problem. Trump is a devastating distraction, but he IS a distraction that lets the Rs plot in shadows for the overthrow, which isn't long off. That's why they are being so obvious – they're sure nothing we learn will help us. They've got it made already. They are the ones who dumbed down our schools, encouraged fanatic religion to take its place, and hypnotized people (called brainwashing), so they can never change their minds, which are LOCKED IN. The rubes are people who are totally lost to civilization. Maybe reverse brainwashing can be done, who knows? For now, they're mentally crippled.
    The Rs have been at this for a whole lifetime, and it is really bearing fruit heavily. The rest of us were getting big clues in Obama's 8 years of lockstep Republican stonewalling, but now, they've almost "arrived." I don't think it will be long before we are totally lost. We haven't enough time to stop them. Might as well keep fighting. There's little else we can do.
    If you think you might need to flee, start preparing right now. i'm on the way out of life, and never thought I'd be glad to be old. But I feel very sad for anyone young.


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