Cooper: Why is Trump now so angry over Mueller?

CNN’s Anderson Cooper examines President Donald Trump’s admission in an early-morning tweet that Russia did in fact interfere with the 2016 presidential election.
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  1. 私の姉は鵜飼明香と加藤絵里香(旧姓、鵜飼絵里香)です。彼女たちの保護者として名乗りでてくれたのは、誰?私の姉たちは国際的なテロリストです。私の双子の姉もしくは妹を殺した主犯格です。

  2. Cooper…私が現在よりも重たい、知能障がい者にまで陥った時のことをご存知の方ですか?

  3. アメリカ側は早めに周知せよ!

  4. Cooper…ロッキード事件の主犯格か?日本国内はバブル崩壊の原因を周知せず、再び同じミスを繰り返した。日本国は国際的な嘘を繰り返しているだろ?次期Apple Inc.CEOは、誰?これについて答える時、日本国の再建はますます不可能に近くなる。と、推測して何がいけないの?

  5. 私がエルサレムへ行くことができなかった理由は、3つあるの。


  6. He is afraid of Mueller, he's a weak minded blowhard, and he's jealous because Mueller is a strong personality. Poor donnie if brains were flashlights he wouldn't be able to light a lightening bugs ass

  7. If Trump is so wonderful as the Republicans say he is why dont he release his tax returns why didn't he serve in the military why are there so many women saying Trump tired to have sex with them why does Trump lie all the time?

  8. Don't you have enough of daily dosages of the Mueller 's time…AC!? It's time for y'all to pay for the Barr's bills which are due… right now!
    "… you have a right to remain silent… your job is to charge or not to charge… period!"

    So where are the high crime and misdemeanor… and what did you do for the last two years plus millions of taxpayers money… huh Bob!

    What does it take to describe the miraculously whipped up whooper nothingness of a whooping nothing bugger…!? Did you prolonging the hoax investigation to have the full impact on the midterm elections… how can you rectify the damages to this US… A…ll…!?

    Declassify, declassify, declassify… all so we're all shall see what we shall see what happens when the BS's regime dark forces and the BS's ICA (aka In Cahoots Ass.) must be joining the fate of the whole 7th floor of the FBI's building… right now!

    Let's begin to investigating of those rouge investigators… start with the manager of the FISA courts, gang of eight, etc… we're just may be able to find out the whole organization chart of this criminal cabal from the deep state… now!

    It's time for US to consider reemerging FBI's organization into the US Marshall Service as once was… now, it would be betterment for the law's enforcement agencies service and saving the budget at the same time…

    Since R. S. Mueller III is a SC not an IC … if Congress wanted the whole scoops for themselves then they would have to reenact the ICR first … then be patiently awaiting for the next new investigation… onwards…!

    Just a friendly reminder… suggestions…

  9. When the report first came out, Trump was praising Mueller. When it became public knowledge that Trump was not even close to being "exonerated" and that Mueller left it to Congress to decide how to proceed, Trump begins attacking Mueller's character. Once again, Trump is a victim. Everyone is lying except Trump. Trump is the only one being honest and everyone else is out to get him. Even people he's been "friends" with for years, as soon as they flip, Trump accuses them of lying, of being envious or jealous. Trump is such a little bitch

  10. WHY is CHUMPY so mad about Mueller ??? Cause Mueller can put his mangy fat ass in prison for life …soon as they hand him over to the SDNY… they better have 5 or 6 Lie Detectors strapped to CHUMPY cause you know he will be lying his ass off !!!! get the guy from the Maury Povich show to do the test.. in public and on every station in the world….

  11. Pretty funny considering Hitlery and the DNC refused to give up their servers and nobody is allowed to look at them. Anderson Pooper is talking s–thead..

  12. A President who talks about himself in 3 party politics, is a Fraud! Trump has Done NOTHING for AMERICA!! He's used American Politics to live well, stay safe, and make sure Melania gets all the designer clothes she wishes! FRAUD, CRIMINAL, DONALD J. TRUMP! THIS BASTARD TRUMP, IS IN COLLUSION WITH RUSSIA'S PUTIN! He hides and does everything in secret from USA! Notice how he only talks before he's boarding a plane! It's a cover up!

  13. Why is the lil gay man named Anderson so angry???? Oh yea Hillary lost….Lmfao…tell the gay dude we aren't listing to his nasty mouth…You know what goes in his nasty mouth is as bad as what comes out of his nasty mouth…Perversion is nasty Anderson and gay is perverted….God is watching, he is always watching….

  14. He's fully aware that Russia meddled. Its anyone's guess if they actually 'helped' anyone. It didn't affect any votes. This is just b.s. how Anderson even twists trumps words around


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