Beto O’Rourke: Call to impeach Trump isn’t a rushed decision

Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke tells Chris Cuomo he does not feel that he is rushing his call to impeach President Donald Trump based on statements made by special counsel Robert Mueller.
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  1. I don’t know why Beto is getting so many negative comments. He seems to be the most genuine out of all the candidates and that means a lot. I still believe in you, Beto.

  2. Hate? It's much more than that! The perfect presidency, the perfect wife for a first lady, the perfect family, the perfect home, the perfect business empire around the developed world, the perfect real estate mastermind… what's not to ENVY?
    E N V Y!

  3. Think about it really really for those people who own construction jobs brick layers gardeners roofers. Etc. immigrants are gonna under bit legal tax payers and due work for less without paying taxes also they will get free help from government like housing and medical and food. We the American people will pay for it. If you think I’m lying I know first hand of two people who are doing that in the rio grande valley and that only who I know imagine other Americans who know other immigrants doing the same I’m for immigrants coming just do it the right way

  4. Yes Trump is corrupt. Yes he gets away with it. Shows the world daily how unqualified and embarrissing he is to our country . But the root of the problem is not him . We the people and Bills wife allowed this guy into the oval office. We would have gotten anybodt else but Trump of Hillary wouldve just stayed in her lane .

  5. Your all fools, we have solid evidence of Obama's FBI Spying, Hillary with an illegal server
    Destroying evidence and devices subpoena by the Justice Department. Bleach bit her server. False Dossier, Strozk and Page.
    Bruce and Nelly Ohr
    Loretta Lynch and Clinton
    Clapper. Your such a joke. Many Americans have already moved on past your po po party.

  6. Not a rushed decision? Oh PLEASE, the libs were screaming for his impeachment before he officially even won the election. America has spoken, we voted him in and do not support impeachment. Trump will get relected in 2020, deal with it.

  7. This guy is the biggest joke making all kinds of promises that he can't keep he's so full of s*** his eyes are brown. He's A complete a**** hands down. Yeah right he's going to be Trump by the greatest margin what an imbecile

  8. who the f*** is this pencil neck geek dweeb is this the guy that's running for president what a cosmic joke who the hell wants a pencil neck geek as present man give me a f**** break America

  9. Impeach the lazy, bullying SOB Trump. He lacks diplomacy, class and can't keep his fucking mouth shut interferes with other counties democracy which has been unheard of. (Interference just like Russia. Trump doesn't have a clue how to run America, simply reacts because his ego is hurt. Insanity runs rampant in America because of Trump! Racism and mass shootings.

  10. Total Dem Media whore Chris Cuomo is a disgrace to America! Ship all these Dem Commie media types to Venezuela China Russia etc.–take your pick. Maybe North Korea to be made into fertilizer. Thanks voters!

  11. MSNBC faggets you hate Wildlife so much you've allowed the Japanese to poison the Pacific Ocean and killed all the poor creatures and you call yourself a liberal then you care about the illegal aliens faggets and dick suckers your horrible people you Democrats I want to learn you all up but the government says that's not right maybe we need to change the government make you people up against the wall will pay it legal to shoot you what you don't understand is these illegals are into crimes like this big flipping time I put my ass out on the line to even mention this and you keep people keep going blowback blowback use more Lube Armageddon the gerbil is all the way up my ass what the fuck is wrong with you America 50 years ago Americans would never act like this against the government do people had it too easy you don't know what it's like hair we survive in this world like I do my wife is hell sometimes but I keep going on knowing that it will get better we got to get rid of you people first so why don't you move to Latin America will your buddies are going to leave America to Americans I would have a much better life without you God bless President Donald J Trump and blue lives matter

  12. Global has globalization is bad it's destroying America at the tune of sneer 5 trillion dollars a year if we're not going to sell abroad and we ain't going to buy abroad make it fair and even the should be no trade deficit as much as we do in this world but gangsters criminals politicians homos in the Democratic party along with all them lesbians trying to destroy this country and they want it that they don't want it to be powerful they don't want to be the one that makes the decisions in the world for whatever reason is anti-American specialist in destroying America is a good thing I say no God bless President Donald J Trump and blue lives matter yes I'm going to support the police and law enforcement in general because you don't want to live in a world where they ain't I'm telling you if it comes to that victimized you a bitch I'm going to take a long piece of wooden handle and I'm going to beat your brains in is that the world you want to live in without cops that's the world is going to live in see I believe that law enforcement is very important I don't want to go around kicking in your brains but if we ain't got cops to protect us that's the way it's going to go down I need little homo that always go out there and say antifa antifa the first victims are there going to be


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