Trump tariffs taking toll on trucking industry

Truckers in Mifflin, Pennsylvania, continue to stand behind President Donald Trump, even as they feel the firsthand impact of tariffs. CNN’s Martin Savidge reports.
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  1. I was a truckers wife for 35 years. The trucking Industry has always been attacked , be it fuel, log books ,or ridiculous truck regulations. Thanks California. (You Hypocrite ‘s ) these idiot truckers who back trump? Know who they are and make their lives hell. And you know where to do it.

  2. This is the funniest shit I've ever seen. Im making more money then I ever. Per diem isn't shit and never has been. I'm collecting $300 a week perdiem and $1500 a week off my miles. These mfs are liars man straight up. Bunch of fucking sellouts. I'm definitely voting for Trump again and you faggots better get used to the idea of another term with junior following right behind him. You Democrats are a dying breed.

  3. This is unbelievable!!! Congratulations we truckers are not doing well at all I’m speaking from experience. These are straight idiots and brainwashed people… !!! I really don’t think it’s nothing trump can do wrong in their eyes.

  4. Some people 🙄 … did these hillbillies say Trump has done more🤯.. my God more what more losing more lies these people are RETARDED!! Simply put ( you can't fix STUPID) yee haw dam fools

  5. Freight is back to normal been in the trucking industry for 28yr. Last year freight was up but it's a cycle we go through all the time. This just proves there's no trucking shortage it's supply and demand. His business isn't down just to many trucks for the freight. This company most likely add a few extra truck when freight was good he forgot freight slow down . His 8% lost is because of to many trucks. He bet on a market and lost . Lot of trucking companies do this they try to grab as much freight as they can then cry when things go back to normal. I own one truck one trailer i am so busy i will be up 20g from last yr and last yr was great. I also don't hual general freight.

  6. Everything Trump touches dies. It's a fact and that will never change. Another fact that will never change is that brainless idiots will believe any amount of bullshit out of his mouth because they are too lazy to get actual data. Yes and Trump will get another term because Republicans are better at cheating the system than Democrats are. Welcome to corrupt American politics.

  7. It’s almost like they are too god damn stupid too understand that they are stupid.

    And here’s what’s truly terrifying. Even though it’s obvious that they are stupid, they think that they are smart.

  8. A mind is a terrible thing to waste, and ignorance is detrimental to one's lively hood. When one can't think, analyze, or evaluate for themselves, they become the biggest FOOL in town. I want to feel sorry for them, but i can't. Insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different outcome. I still wish them all well though. Heaven help us.

  9. The OWNER of a trucking company losing 8% of his money will vote again for Trump? That 92% of the money he still has must be way more than his workers will ever see. and those retired voters probably live on Medicare, Social security and a pension…none of which are affected by Trump's idiotic trade wars. Talk to the people who live pay check to pay check and are seeing checks shrink because of the orange pathological liar and ask them if they'll vote for him again. If he loses even 1% of these voters his margin of victory in 2016 evaporates. Without Pennsylvania's 20 electoral votes Trump's in deep trouble. he'd have to flip some big Democrat states to make up for those 20 electoral votes.

  10. If the terriffs hasn’t hit Mexico yet how the hell can you say it has hurt the trucking industry! One company 8% less then last year is no big deal! Losers! Fake news cnn enemy of the people!

  11. wow these hicks ignoring bill Clintons surplus and Obama digging us out of a recession you people created Hillary saved 9 million children's lives who has trump ever helped the top 20% a tiny bit and the top 1% an insane amount on your tax dollars ultimately making taxes go up bravo on your ignorance

  12. Every one of those ppl he spoke with deserve the hardships they're going through…How thick headed do you have to be to still vote for this clown who is costing you money? Making it harder for you to put food on the table, pay for clothes and other goods, and pay the bills? How do they NOT blame him? He's a lousy businessman, he's a con man who conned all of those fools.

  13. 流言傳来傳去,傳耒傳去~哦~~喔~~哦,書乱寫來寫去,寫耒寫去~哦~~喔~~喔。


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