Kamala Harris Changes Position On Universal Healthcare, After Massive Backlash!

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Kamala Harris Changes Position On Universal Healthcare, After Massive Backlash!

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Comment (44)

  1. She's going to Gitmo a traitor. She won't be running any longer she'll be locked up. Please no way Medicare for all unless ALL immigrants are removed and only US citizens are entitled and allowed to have insurance we can't afford to pay for every one. Period

  2. Do you really think she changed her mind on healthcare? ABSOLUTELY NOT. The only thing she'll change will be her tactics. She got so caught up in that 'Bernie Sanders/A. Cortez' frame of mind, that when she tried to sell her 'Socialistic' idea on dissolving private health insurance and instead have government controlled 'Medicare for all' to the people, she wound up getting 'Bitch Slapped' back into reality. Now she has to fall back, regroup and figure out another approach. And she will. She is not going to give this up; it's too important to her. Just look for her to use different packaging. This folks is the future, direction and path the Democratic Party has whole heartedly decided to embrace. You are looking at the 'New Wing', the face (if you would), of what is being commonly referred to as the 'New Democratic/Socialist Party'. I don't know about you, but my parents (life long Democrat's and whom have long since passed on) would be rolling over in their graves if they could see how far this nation has devolved into it's present state. It is an absolute insult to every man, woman – whosoever, be they Military or Civilian – whom fought and died for this country. I can't understand how the Democratic party can embrace Socialism & Communism the way they do and then turn around and disrespect those same men and women for whom gave their very lives to defend against. It's a national disgrace. I truly feel sorry for the real, 'old school', Democrat's, those who are patriot's and believe in what this country truly represents. Though we may differ politically, we, R's-D's-I's, still hold this country in great esteem. As for me, I would proudly stand along side you in defense of her; anytime, anyplace, anywhere. I know you didn't ask for this. Where we go one, we go all.

  3. Now talk about communism at the doorstep! Yeah make sure you ban semi-automatic weapons so we can't protect ourselves from a tyrannical and oppressive government! Instead of running for president why don't you run for your life before you get assassinated🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫💣💣💣💣

  4. An we are suppose to believe her please. Once she would get voted in she would try to push it through. She will say or do anything to get voted into office. Just look at how she started her career. Not to be trusted !

  5. Fantastic, that CNN is so dedicated to carryng the swamp water for these power hungry socialists. The World needs to know just how controlling they expect to be by 2020.

  6. It doesn't matter now what she does. It's out there with her social headframe. She's over the top however, she and Obama would become close friends with her Global World Order. History!

  7. We as a Nation just got rid of a Village Idoit.. We as a Nation doesn't need a street Whore from a Shit-hole State like California..
    Better dig out the knee pads. Your gonna need them… ghetto Slut

  8. It doesn't matter what she says either way on any issue. We know She's going to say whatever she thinks we want to hear just to try to get elected. Then do just what she wants. Just one lie and deceit after another.
    If she were elected, she would only. "SCREW" the entire American Population.

  9. She should just embrace Willie Brown's ass!hahaha!she will just cheat the country!she's a reputation for cheating.observed her demeanor during appointment confirmation of kavanaugh…and her line of questioning is far from being desired!grandstanding…cheater.puppet!

  10. Kamala is a follower. If she's unpopular she'll change her decision to keep popularity for votes..Sign petition to have Kamala Harris removed & please sign a petition to also Expel corrupt Maxine Waters. MAGA 🇺🇸

  11. This wouldn't be an issue if healthcare wasn't so overpriced. Seems like a scam, got a have insurance to pay for exorbitantly priced care. I know several people in the healthcare industry that migrated to the U.S. to make money. Make money, not heal people. It's a scam.

  12. We need to all help with what we can and donate to TRUMP'S 2020 campaign? Democrats are well funded. All the candidates raise money and are very much funded. LETS DO BETTER AND HELP TRUMP GET THRU TO 2024 with flying colors. Colors like RED, WHITE AND BLUE

  13. There’s a reason her popularity is so low, and she has a 6% chance of winning the 2020 election, along with the other 40 people (Losers) running. If this is the BEST the Dems have to offer, we’re safe. She’s saying all the wrong talking points, and is angering the public, which is what she does best. Totally congruent with her public persona. ‘Crowding out her progressive leftwing opponents’? How about joining the other Demon-ratic Nuts! Shes a Space Cadet gone rogue!🙄👎🇺🇸

  14. Hasn't even begun to run yet and is already back tracking on Medicare…what an idiot!! Proving, once again she has no idea of what she speaks… "STORMY" HARRIS FOR PRESIDENT…
    lol lol lol

  15. Kamala Harris has to go before she Ruin the United States of America. If she becomes The President, she will have Illegal immigrants on Universal Healthcare too. Cut Miltary in Half, Ban All Semi-Auto Weapons???
    This Witch Becomes President… Civil war will Become Real!!!

  16. Kamala Harris would be better-off to just keep her big know-nothing mouth shut and allow everyone to just think that she is totally inexperienced, incompetent, and stupid, rather than continually running her big/uninformed mouth and continually proving it. What a total embarrassment to herself and to her far-left democratic/socialist/communist party. Just like other left-leaning democrats, no well-thought-out business and financial plans, and no logical strategies to actually accomplish anything for the American people. She just wants to spend her time bashing the Trump administration, bashing all of her other political opponents, and blaming others for her failures. She just wants to be given the title and power of "President of the United States", and then kick-back and let everyone else do all of the thinking and the actual hard work . . . and this is supposed to be one of the best hopes of the democratic/socialist/communist party??

  17. Universal health care is a chance to free you from da man! Wake up people, the medical industry doesn’t want universal health care or a single payer system, as these companies would loose billions and provider services would be lessened/fixed…..the bonds of slavery would be slightly loosened!


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