Jake Tapper calls out Trump’s ‘petty politics’ while standing on solemn ground

CNN’s Jake Tapper criticizes President Trump for his statements about special counsel Robert Mueller during a trip to commemorate the 75th anniversary of D-Day. #CNN #News


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  1. CNN…OH MY GOODNESS! the nerve of these fake media hacks who supported and promoted the Russian Collusion lie for two years to make a commentary such as that above… have they NO shame at all??? Give me 5 minutes one on one with this guy…talking of course…

  2. Obama Sucks, Trump Sucks, CNN Sucks, Fox News Sucks, MSNBC Sucks, Jake Tapper Sucks……What Does That Say About The State Of Our Country..? Its Basic Math, You Know, Like 0 x 0 = 0..

  3. Stop reminding me of this hideous embarrassment!
    My 6th grade granddaughter gives a far better patriotic speech. She's now VP of the district National Junior honor Society. She could out debate this moron… She's 12.
    I need to get control over my click finger. Stay away from this!

  4. The only "petty politics" I saw were the political lies regarding the Trump/Russia collusion. And CNNs petty politics continue. SMH The "men in that dirt" were cheering for Trump as he laid into them all. Few Democrats were laying in the field.

  5. It is amazing how stupid Democrats with TDS behave…they cannot get past their emotions to see that Trump is intentionally playing them. Trump knows exactly what he is doing. He is trolling the hell out of Democrats to make them look stupid.

  6. There is this thing called the Statute of Limitations for crimes. If he #45 should get Elected again. #45 will run them out and he will not be able to pay for the crime(s). There is more than one keep that in mind. So He's, I want to run is just a ploy to stay out of Jail. Any other person would already be in Jail. I encourage and support all the investigations they're doing. So when he's done all the Democrats and Republicans, we'll need is a court to say "YES" I can see you did and collected everything you needed. This should be a lesson to all future Presidents "No one is above the Law".

  7. CNN White House reporter peckerhead Jim Acosta and host flame 🔥 Don Lemon said the network is not an anti-President Trump?? This is why they both suck they think everybody is stupid.😲💃

  8. Donald Trump is a military draft Dodger. Isn't he a real hero? If your into a coward low life. It's ironic how Trump is sending people to war, but he himself wouldn't fight for this country.

  9. CNN Jake "snake eyes" Tapper Didnt senile stumbling bumbling Nancy "LOONLOSI" Pelosi start it by saying Potus should be in jail While he was overseas. There is an ole sayin "Dont start none wont be none" What i see in the Trump Hater Amanda Carpenter is a feckless cunt Who doesnt now her ASS from a hole in the ground BTW CNN, AS ALWAYS SUCKS No wonder their rating is just above the cable T V "The History channel and lower thsn Nickelodeon's Nick at nite


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