Trump: Tariffs on Mexican imports indefinitely suspended

President Donald Trump said tariffs on Mexican goods are “indefinitely suspended” after negotiators from the US and Mexico were able to reach a deal on immigration enforcement. CNN’s Joe Johns reports.
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  1. Dude Honestly to damn SERIOUSLY, Mexico does not want any of these foreigners coming and especially Africans, if you want to know something Mexico treats Africans as 3rd or 2nd class citizens because they don't like to work. Call me racist, but it's a fact.
    Edit: The Left need to stop forcing their bias agenda to other countries!

  2. Poooooor Complicit News Network has to admit the tariffs did what POTUS wanted them to do. It sucks when their narrative falls apart, which is practically every time. FU CNN!!

  3. Instead of talking about negative stuff about trump like you do every day about the border. Why don't you talk about the people coming from Africa trough Mexico with open arms infected with Ebola…..

  4. "The President ANNOUNCED ON TWITTER"..??? What the Hey…I cannot even imagine Barack Obama using social media for an issue as important and sensitive as this. 45 Tweets like some crazed adolescent. It's appalling. And it's no 'win'. Dream on.

  5. Well trump's plan worked finally someone else going to help with the border. No thanks to Nancy who only wants them hear for votes with giving them free housing and food taxpayers pay for. California just passed to give some illegal immigrants health coverage approx $98millon a year as Americans sleep in the streets

  6. I don't believe on the commitment that Mexico will buy more agricultural products from US when US farm products are 200% more expensive than the farm products in Mexico. US farms go bankrupt because of cheap farm products in ported from Mexico.

  7. All planned about tariffs to manipulate the stock market for people to dump and buy low he is a con, controlled by someone that really knows how to manipulate, he isn't intelligent to predict anything he is mentally unstable, he did not win by votes he was never to be elected, all talk and trash big shot hahaha ya right, ex-wife guides him, he has no feelings, he is numbed on dementia drugs he can't read anymore he is fired from day one come on bozo trump clans you all the same not so smart, lockem all up for fraud and tax evasion and money laundry and illegally running office with no expertise for guiding America daddy hired me too scared people will find out he has no brains left, only to line there own pockets, putting on a show to get daddy reelected good luck America.

  8. Dem politicians are doing LESS than Mexico to stop illegal immigration.. Look at the condition of my home state, Ca, illegals have turned this state into a slop hole…nuff said MAGA TRUMP

  9. Trump logic:

    "I just took a shit on the White House floor!"

    Two months later:

    "I just cleaned up the shit I took on the floor two months ago, I'm the greatest ever!!!"

    Trump supporter logic:.

    "We don't care where you take a shit, so long as you hate liberals!"

  10. MEXICO just wanted trump to go on vacation so he couldn't fuck up yet another deal, MEXICO knew trump is hurting usa and not MEXICO,but didn't want to bother with clown prez until he left usa for vacation with his klan/mob family.

  11. 천주는 드럼프정부가 미국의 위해서 헌신하는 모습에 참지도자상의 진실함을
    인정하오며ㆍ이를 미국인들은. 드럼프 통치철학을 인정해야. 한다고 사료하나이다 ㆍ드렁프정부는 민본정치 ㅡ즉 자국국민을 위해서 헌신적인 노력을 다히는 데에도 언론들이 진실된 보도을 행하지 않고 있사오니. 언론의 개혁이 시급한 과제이다 ㆍok

  12. Trumpo made up this new crisis as a political ploy. Trumpo wants us to believe that he and only he could solve the boarder problem that he and Miller have manufactured. The Mexico deal is reported by the New York Times to have been negotiated months ago, and parts back in December. Trumpo is acting like an arsonist firefighter who lights fires, and then shows up to put the fire out to show he is a hero. This is a political stunt for votes which will probably work. Trumpo's base want their great white hope.
    As of April 29 the Washington Post Fact Checker has cataloged 10,111 times Trumpo The Orange Clown has lied to the American people since taking office.

  13. This immigration tax would have crushed American businesses. But unfettered illegal immigration to the tune of about 20 million illegals nationwide that work under the table undercutting the American worker and hurting overall minority employment is totally cool. And the amount of remittances sent out of our nation by illegals is in the billions. If that money stayed in our country, we would have a much stronger economy than we currently have right now.

  14. Trump is a master tactician. He needs to be re-elected, if only because the Chinese don't know how to deal with him. Short of an actual world war and petty idiosyncrasies aside , he will probably go down as one of the greatest ever Presidents of the USA. He has a get things done work ethic and powerful negotiating skills and that's what is required.

  15. I love all American people.

    I love all Saudi people.

    I love king Salman bin Abdul Aziz AL Saud my ankle.

    I love Saudi Prince sultan bin Abdul Aziz family.

    I love Saudi Prince Matiab bin Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz my brother.

    I love Saudi Prince waleed bin talal my brothers.

    I love Saudi new crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz AL Saud my brother.

    I don't like Pakistan people.
    02 03 04 06 10 14 17 19 23 12 Thief.


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