Attorney Benjamin Taylor – Hacienda Healthcare Rape Victim, DNA Legal Expert. Fox10 News 602-325-8007 | When breaking news of a woman who gave birth in a vegetative state at Hacienda Healthcare Arizona, Fox10 News asked Phoenix personal injury lawyer, Benjamin Taylor, for his commentary.

Video transcript: “DNA is almost 99.9% accurate now in the criminal justice system.”

I sat down with attorney Benjamin Taylor about these DNA swabs as many concerned their DNA going into a DNA database even if they are innocent.

“Under Arizona law the police officers can go and do an investigation for a suspect’s DNA. However, under Arizona law, you have to be either charged, arrested, or convicted of a crime in order for that DNA to go into a DNA database.”

But if there is a match in these swabs taken the suspect will be arrested and charged.

“They will eventually have a trial to see whether or not they will get convicted and their DNA will then go into the DNA database once they’ve been arrested or charged with a crime.”

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