Losing out on KD could be the best thing to happen to the Knicks – Richard Jefferson | Get Up

Richard Jefferson explains why losing out on Kevin Durant in free agency could help the New York Knicks gain perspective and rebuild.
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Comment (48)

  1. KD is injured and the Knicks did the right thing by not wrapping up all the money in a great star that may never be great again. The Knicks have an awful front office that can’t put a good team together so they save money and the Knicks can continue breaking records for most losses in a season with a the lowest payroll.

  2. Can't wait to revisit this when Kyrie melts down, KD returns to a mirror of himself and NETS are a flop in a few years and read all the comments. I agree with Richard Jefferson this was the best thing to happen to the Knicks.

  3. Lol this man said the Clippers are do attractive. Wtf are you smoking did you not see Lebum and AD sign up with the Lakers? Kawhi considering Lakers as well. Who has been attracted to the Clippers exactly?

  4. In other words, SAS reaction to this whole situation is actually an overreaction, because the Knicks never even had a seat at the table with KD, and probably were never going to get it, anyway. He seemed to be dead set in Brooklyn, especially since Kyrie was going there, too.

    RJ is absolutely right, though. The Knicks need to grow up and mature as an organization, because they’re in fucking shambles right now, and if they had gotten KD, Kyrie, etc., it would have been a mess, because the organization sucks, and they wouldn’t have enjoyed their time there.

    SAS and Knick fans just need to come to terms with the fact that this will continue to be a torturous process, until James Dolan is somehow out as owner, and any great player that considers joining would never be able to be as great as they are under the tutelage of a horribly run team, so just give it up for now, and watch another sport until further notice.

  5. Fuck durant for not wanting to play for the knicks…better tread lightly when hes in the city…stick to the streets around barclays cus one step across the street is knicks territory…fuck outa here..

  6. These moves give Davis Fizdale a chance to prove he can coach. No sense building for the future if your coach can't coach. As for the Nets, they have the lowest league attendance because Queens, the Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island never embraced them and never will. I hope KD and Kyrie enjoy playing in a city where most of the people don't like them. As for RJ, I understand your hatred for NY, when you were playing on those great Net teams the Knicks still got more press than you. PS: We don't like you either.

  7. I don't blame the Knicks for not taking all of the business risk on an asset that may never pay off. The Knicks management needs to sit back and start over.

  8. Stephen A Smith is the perfect litmus test for intelligence. If you think SAS is intelligent your a idiot. If you think SAS is retarded your not a idiot.

  9. these pundits are morons. and fans that take them seriously are worse. free agents don't want to play for the knicks bc they don't win games. if the knicks were 42-40 and on the upswing they would consider ny. but the knicks aren't there yet. they will be and then we will see. the great thing about being a pundit is you can be wrong every time but no one remembers. in any other field they would have been fired. the knicks are on the right path. let's count the cards in 4 years and see where the nets are . if Durant doesn't fully recover and irving lets them down like he did the Celtics. then the pundits will be on to their next concocted story. pathetic.

  10. Nets will get KD back in a year then Kyrie will be out with a knee injury. Then he will come back and DJ will be hurt and every body will be left saying imagine if they all stayed healthy.

  11. Hes not proven.. Hes(Durant)fools gold just like kyrie.. Minimal effort to his chips and he still got hurt!? Lol Kyrie, will get hurt this year also.. Its inevitable, his style of play warrants Injury.. I'll watch until he break down..

  12. Isn't KDs cap hit gonna crush Nets this season, same with GSW and Klay? So it's the Lakers, blazers, nuggets, clippers perhaps coming out of the west and Raps, celtics, possibly the Sixers and bucks in the east Nets without KD have no chance this year

  13. What amazes me is instead of getting on these soft ass players of today . All you talking heads just say “This is the new nba” These guys don’t want the pressure. I know the Garden is a bit of a Mess . But suddenly The Nets are The Spurs ? The same team that got rid of all their 1st rd picks . They overachieved last year and now they hit the number. But we’ll see if they keep that same chemistry as last year .


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