Fit This Entire Camper In The Back Of A Van

The ioCamper is a camper developed to fit in the back of a van, able to serve as both a stand alone apartment or motor home. Running on solar power energy, the ioCamper includes four beds, a kitchen, a shower, and even a dining room.

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Comment (40)

  1. Lovely engineering concept, Unfortunately major design flaw having it in a van , could this have been just placed on a trailer instead then you would free up vehicle space…. just saying

  2. As has been spotted, where the hell do your campers go?

    There are no seats left in the van which means you can't use it once the campers been deployed.

    I like it a lot but think it'd be best to rent one and have it delivered to where you need it to be rather than do it yourself.

  3. For those saying where are the kids going to fit if you notice the camping box does not extend all the way to the rear of the front seats. There is three rear windows. Two large ones and one small one. Kind of like a extended cab on a pickup truck. The children or whomever will be sitting just behind the driver seat in that small window portion while the rest of the slide-out camper box will be in the two remaining rear windows. If that makes any sense.


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