Trump toasts the Queen at state banquet

President Donald Trump toasts Queen Elizabeth ll during a state banquet hosted at Buckingham Palace, saying how profoundly honored he is to attend. CNN’s Max Foster takes a closer look with Jake Tapper on The Lead. #CNN #News


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  1. President Trump did an amazing speech! Good job when toasting the queen, way better than Obama! I am so proud of our president ! Our First Lady Looks stunning ! Trump 2020!

  2. Whoever that guy was after speech who works for CNN is an absolute twat. The queen doesn't love the EU at all, it takes power away from her family. Just before the referendum she asked her advisors to give her 3 good reasons to stay in the EU. And saying the special relationship is only important to the US is ridiculous. The left are a bitter bunch who don't like that Trump/Brexit is destroying their plans to create dictatorships all over the world.


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