How Hard It Is To Drive A Firetruck

New York City firefighters train for two weeks on Randall’s Island to learn how to drive firetrucks. Some firetrucks weigh 40 tons and are 42 feet long. The training includes lectures, a virtual simulator, and an obstacle course.


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How Hard It Is To Drive A Firetruck

Following is the transcript of the video:


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  1. These jerks get a driving simulator. When I did my evip course I was just flung in one and told to go. But it's not as hard as these guys make it seem. Just practice due regard and remember you cant stop like you can in a car.

  2. I'm trying to understand this… they do 2 weeks in a class and have a $250k driving sim yet my dept simply takes you to a road and teaches you the same thing in a couple hour long sessions…. I mean we only need 4 hrs behind the wheel before we can go it alone. To add to that in 60 years we have only ever had 1 accident.

  3. We have baby fire engines here in the UK compared to your USA trucks but damn I love driving our fire trucks in the uk 15 tons is probably nothing to your USA trucks 😂

  4. In our department the person sitting behind the driver connects to the hydrant and the driver moves to control the pump so we can get water on the fire and not wait to hook up to a hydrant first

  5. How can they let anyone drive a truck of that size after just driving around some cones and in a simulator? To drive a firetruck here in Norway, you first need to have a driving license for a car. Then you need to go to a driving school and take a course. And that includes four days of lecture, four 4 hour sessions, one 9 houre "ice condition test", one 8 houre test, and finaly a multiple choise exam with 45 questions. More than 7 wrong and you fail, now you are ready for your final driving test with an instructor from the DMV. And to drive with lights and sirens, you need to go back to driving school and have 2 days of lecture, 30 hours of driving with a instructor, a multiple choise exam and a final driving test with instructor from the DMV,


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