China blames US for massive Hong Kong protest

Chinese state media is blaming the US for helping organize massive protests in Hong Kong. According to organizers, more than a million people took to the streets to protest a new law which could allow Hong Kongers to be extradited to China on a range of offenses. Critics say the move would make anyone in Hong Kong vulnerable to being grabbed by the Chinese authorities for political reasons or inadvertent business offenses and undermine the city’s semi-autonomous legal system.
Though police put the protest size at closer to 250,000, there’s little doubt that the march was among the largest since 2003, when 500,000 people protested against a sedition law — and successfully blocked it. CNN’s Matt Rivers reports.

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  1. 特区政府的修例草案明确规定,适用于移交到内地的罪犯必须是犯有37种国际公认、且刑期都在7年或以上的罪犯,而且必须要由特区法院和特首双批准,才能实施移交。其中还规定了“八不移交”,明确说明被移送的罪犯不涉及与言论相关的行为,即不涉及新闻、言论、学术、出版等方面的行为

  2. CNN lies through its teeth. Or as Donald put it, fake news. This lady they are interviewing is a Canadian citizen. Why are they interviewing a Canadian citizen for a story about the protest in Hong Kong? Cannot they find a local resident? Even the people they interviewed are fake.

  3. So many people support the murder who killed her girl friend.I’m very impressed by those people who believes in CNN.think they are on the “right”side,barking without knowing the truth.Brian is a good thing,unfortunately the CNN viewers doesn’t have it .

  4. China has the audacity to open fire and kill all protesters together in day light right in the city center. There is no way you can win this by peace. High time you arm yourselves. With missiles.

  5. It is very strange when the British colonized Hong Kong. There was no election. When there was no freedom of assembly, the protest was illegal. When the British cracked down on the strike of Hong Kong workers, no one supported it. Now suddenly many people support the Hong Kong people.

  6. If this kind of demonstration happened in main land China, they'd just mow everyone down with machine guns and tanks, Tianimin square thousands slaughtered for peaceful protests

    i'm pretty sure he has absolutely nothing to do with this
    but,man is he doing a trade deal at a good time
    makes me kinda wonder if he actually does have something to do with this
    actually, im kinda suspicious that trumps goal IS NOT A TRADE DEAL

  8. People in mainland can't read political opinions opposed to CPP's will. Their internet are heavily censored you fool. What 1.3 billion people are fed with in their highly censored Wechat or Weibo everyday is how bad foreign governments are and that Hong Kong protestors are mostly violent robbers who were somehow mental-manipulated by mysterious foreign powers like CIA. Chinese agents could unscrupulously disseminate their propagandas in free-world's internet, while others can't criticize it even outside China otherwise their domestic families would be threat. It‘s an one-way firewall that curbing specific information you idiot! USE YOUR BRAIN IF YOU HAVE !

  9. So that means America should never ever intervene in these “internal affairs” of China, because China will always blame America for their problems that they can’t solve.

  10. Why the US ? China always blame US for anything but the world fully supports HongKongese not only the US ! because China is the biggest liar in the world. The CCP expects the population to be brainless and obedient sheeps. No way civil disobedience is a duty to free yourself from dictatorship and slavery.

  11. china is complaining that the US & the UK are meddling in China INTERNAL AFFAIRS.
    For the H.K people China is spectacularly meddring in H.K. internal affairs.
    Quite funny.

  12. the protestor showed on the background, on her sign it says:
    in english:no china extradition
    in chinese:defending hong kong

    they were pretty smart aren’t they?

  13. If you had to choose between Korean imperialism and Japanese imperialism, which do you accept? I think Korea wants to try getting its northern land back from China. Maybe Korean military is more advanced than Chinese thanks to US big brother. Japan is sleeping.


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