Apple’s iPhone XS and XS Max: First impressions

CNN’s Samantha Kelly tests out some new features of the iPhone XS and XS Max.


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  1. Apple is a joke…LOL. When Apple consumers finally figure out how they've been scammed all these years, the stock will come crashing down. All of Apple's following is due to marketing and NOT quality. They would like you to believe they are on the forefront and cutting edge, but Apple has its followers thoroughly brainwashed. There is nothing special about an iPhone. It is just a mediocre phone. As they say in China…it's just mamahuhu.

    The XS Max only has 4GB of RAM. My Android has 6GB of RAM, and I have had it for almost one year now. The 8 GB chips for RAM are already out on the market, and phones have already started popping up with them. Meanwhile, Apple is still sitting on 4 GB of RAM. That's really sad.

    The XS Max battery capacity is ONLY 3300 mAh. My Android is 5600 mAh and, again, I have had this phone for almost a full year. My camera is an unbelievable 21MP. My phone will do everything any iPhone will do and more. I only paid $265 brand new for my great phone and that's with NO contract.

    WAKE UP, APPLE WORSHIPPERS! You've been scammed again. Who in their right mind would pay $1,499 to get the best specs in Apple's best iPhone when you can get a better phone with better specs for under $300 and no contract.

    P.S. The upgrade for my phone which is coming out soon, will have a 6" Display and over 10,000 mAh battery capacity. I can hardly wait for it to hit the market. I will be able to go for over 3 days of continuous usage without having to do any wireless charging instead of 1-1/2 days of continuous usage on my current phone. What kind of a phone can't even get you thru the whole day without having to charge it again? I'll tell you what kind. A crappy iPhone.

    This lady's review was terrible. She gave no specs. She just talked in generalities knowing all the liberal Apple fans would eat it up and in reading the comments here, I can see that they certainly fell for her sad review. Do you want the specs? I hope so. Click the link I left below, and you will get a nice comparison of Apple's new releases and not the nonsense in this review. You will see how worthless their specs are.

    PS. Did I mention that my phone's storage is 192 GB? Oh, Apple, your fans need to wake up.

  2. 1.iPhones may cost a $100 more than the Note 9 but all the Androwankers screaming that the XS isn't much different than the iPhone X, how different is Note 9 when compared to the Note 9?
    2. Your Note 9 will lose its resale value like a perishable food item.
    3. You don't have a stock messaging app, iMessage is one of the selling points of an iPhone
    4. Android is less secure than iOS and is energy and memory inefficient which makes your phone painfully slow and almost unusable after 1 or max 2 years
    5. The clear advantage of being inside the Apple ecosystem cannot be ignored with the seamless integration of the mobile platform and the Laptop/desktop working together in a connected fashion.
    6.Updates: Android almost won't even give you a single update. Only 4% of Android phones in the world use Android Oreo which is 2 years old now.
    7. Poor compatibility between the stock Android, Hardware manufacturer, Chipset manufacturer results in the requirement of more cores and bigger batteries.
    8. Apple A12 Bionic is much faster than Snapdragon, Qualcomm or Exynos. In fact 2 generations faster. You can look it up on Android Authority Youtube Page.
    9. Better Appstore with many apps only available on the Apple platform.
    10. Overall user satisfaction is much higher for an iPhone than an Android which requires rooting for any sort of updating since Google is concentrating on only bringing the Android updates to its Pixel smartphones rather than 3rd party ones.


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