This is how much money Apple makes on iPhones

Since the iPhone’s launch in 2007, Apple has sold more than a billion phones. Here’s just how much the iPhone makes for the trillion-dollar company.


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  1. And they still don’t include a headphone jack on their phone. Heck this year they dropped the dongle tooo. Cause someone told them it sells amazingly in Best Buy. Huh. Claims that XS has fast charging but pay more to get more

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  3. They've priced iPhones so high now that only folks living in the minority of countries that have carrier payment plans will be buying iPhones in the future. So they will have to keep raising prices just to keep stockholders happy. I think some carriers around the world will eventually drop the iPhone as those prices keep climbing.

  4. I made a Stock analysis on Apple. Their iphones are over 60% of their revenue. What happens when most people don’t upgrade for years? Is their sales/earnings per quarter going to suffer? Plus, How can you value Apple as a Trillion Dollar company when 62% of the product is a commodity? Yikes.

  5. @0:45 this doesn't mean Tesla makes 45$ B annually, it's just their total market cap and same goes for the other companies.

    Edit: the video is pretty accurate, but some viewers could get confused though


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