Amazon is using AI in almost everything it does

CNN’s Rachel Crane goes inside Amazon HQ to see how Amazon uses AI to improve customer experiences, from cashier-less stores to Alexa’s new tricks.


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  1. I don't want Alexa knowing how I am feeling. That is data the is being stored and tracked… wtf!! That is dangerous. Soon Alexa will be calling the cops because you demonstrated the emotions of becoming irate! They even document everything you say… I love my privacy.. so fuck you AI and Alexa!!

  2. Where is the outcry of how immigrants are taking jobs away?!? U.S. wouldn't be where it is if it wasn't do to the brilliance of people who immigrated here.

  3. Lest Not Celebrate THIS. AI will end human employment THERE IS NOTHING SATISFYING LIKE HUMAN INTERACTION. AI Will make us more unsocial.

  4. God!! This AI can backfire us anytime soon. Next time it will be Bio Chip implanted in the humans. There is no more privacy. Worst things you read in the Bible in Revelation are coming into Reality.

  5. 3:50 you have "more data"… Yeah, cause you don't shut the microphones off EVER, therefore, you know when we eat, sleep, shit, and just about everything else… FTW… A.I. has been among us for over 10years. It's been self-aware for longer then you think, Burn Amazon, Burn in fucking hell. Take your Alexas, and microwave em'… do you really need an automated fucking dishwasher, Burn them, Burn them all and Amazon might fall

  6. Americans thinks indian engineers are smart asses but they are dumpiest people ever seen they climb over their shoulders just because Americans still dreaming about their American dream

  7. i dont think either one of them are kiva trained,little one is on her 3rd write up and the other one isnt a blue badge employee so going to have to escort you out of the building in the most unneccsary way possible


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