Eric Holder: Trump knew what he was doing with birther claim

Former Attorney General Eric Holder says that, as Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner couldn’t say that the birtherism controversy was racist. #CNN #News


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  1. Well the whole devil trump klan is taking advantage of the American people and they are using the black race as the bate. Of course this is puttin, bannon, miller, mcconnell and more of those devil's strategy. We can't feed in to them cause their behind closed doors and circulating all over the world trying to expand that garbage. All of them need to go to jail forever and be locked just like Americans when crimes are committed.

  2. So Mr. Holder you calling Barack Obama's brother racist? He actually claimed on social media his half brother was Kenyan citizen, not US. And glad orange man pardoned Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The Sheriff who criminal federal DOJ democrats abused their prosecutory powers for purely "revenge and payback" against for him for his investigation Obama's fake birth certificate. Hope one day to see you in shackles arraigned before a US Federal judge for crimes.

  3. isn't amazing, all these bobbleheads never take responsibility for anything they have actually done and when they can't convince you nothing, in reality, had happened, they blame the occurrence on someone else. once again, this crap is full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. if this is the best the bobbleheads have, 2020 will roll out just like 2016, when they brought plastic spoons to the gunfight.

  4. Oh Mother Fucker.
    Clinton started that when she ran against Obama.
    Quit fucking lying to people "Mr. Move guns to Mexico."
    Enemy of the people and you heard it here folks on the lying, low rated news network.

  5. The America hating half breed muslim queer WAS born in Kenya ! Hey " Fast and Furious" Holder , Officer Terrys' family is still waiting …..

  6. Hey idiots. Trump isn't going anywhere. You better start worrying about your Demrat buddys. Lol. Trumps gonna drain the swamp. Does everything he says hes gonna do. Best president ever! Dont agree to bad. Lmaoooo. Trump 2020 hands down. Thanks to the Demrats. Bunch of drunkin circus clowns. And CNN FAKE NEWS. SMDH! SHAME.

  7. Notice as the investigation into how spying started back in 2012 by the Obama administration CNN was also involved in it. CNN pulling out the race card since the Russia BS lie has now been proven it was none.

  8. bahaha CNN sucks
    Must be the "Russians" affecting your show ratings…
    If you disagree with the Clinton News Network "speaking topics", you are a RACIST!!

  9. Chase away all Trump mission of the United Nations organization, because he has no jobs in money EXTORTIONS of the radio-hypnosis in Casinoes and gambling frauds for the commerce needs by the broadcasting of the gambling commerce insisting to spend off all the money which the humans may possessed.
    In 2010 Eric Holder got my y claim with the info about migration trafficking, but he did nothing but harass with the New Jersey military base of Fort Dix radio-hypnosis abuse. The castration of the sexual organs and the shorten up my life iength by the permanent stress during 2010-2019 years. Every day and every hour they are doing their assault to steal my money and valuables by the unemployment and Social Services searching in my personal belongings. The GAMBLING and the prostitution cannot be fixed because it is the drugs dealership of the medics who instead if turn off their narco-trafficking Radio-broadcasting are doing military base forcement to kill the money owners and confiscate the money. It is the elected MAFIA in the White House.

  10. So evident! The perfect presidency, the perfect wife for a first lady, the perfect family, the perfect home, the perfect business empire around the developed world, the perfect real estate mastermind… what's not to ENVY?
    E N V Y!


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