White House instructs Hope Hicks and Annie Donaldson to withhold documents from Congress

The White House has directed former officials Hope Hicks and Annie Donaldson not to turn over any documents to the House Judiciary Committee relating to their time at the White House, according to two sources familiar with the matter. #CNN #News


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  1. According to President Trump hope Hicks said Democrat congressman well she was testifying before the committee we're actually taking pictures of her with their cell phones. The president thinks that these congressman which were Democrats we're posting them online maybe with some comments. personally I say these dirty old man knowing with a lot of these Democrats have done in the past Menendez drinking and we're just taking pictures of Hope Hicks to go home and jerk off to. It's well-documented the Democrats are not necessarily let's say open up when it comes around us fooling with other women than their wives. You know President Kennedy President Clinton FDR. Or Jimmy Carter invited in the healthiest of them all. but the Democrats are a pile of s*** they all burn in hell and that's where they want to be because there are actually Demons of the devil.

  2. "Hope Hicks answered some questions. She gave us a lot of good information. The White House asserted so-called absolute immunity, which is ridiculous and which we’ll destroy in court," he said.

    From inside the hearing room earlier in the day, Rep. Ted Lieu, D-Calif., another member of the committee, tweeted: "I am watching Obstruction of Justice in action, as @TheJusticeDept is objecting to everything that Hope Hicks wants to say during her tenure in the White House. The Administration's position is absurd & they will lose in court. What is the @realDonaldTrump Administration hiding?"

  3. I wonder what Hope & Annie & everyone around trump r hiding, it must be something bad & shady, if trump has nothing 2 hide show it u pathological liar trump. Trump calls other people names, like kids do & this fool is 73.

  4. This way of life is just about over the plagues in the Bible has come to America and the world the most high power it's going to Stamp Out all this wickedness that is upon the Earth

  5. 8 it doesn't matter what they do or what they say the most high god of Israel is coming to destroy America Trump Republicans and Democrats house committee and whoever else all are guilty all are evil and all nothing but Liars

  6. No person is above the laws made by the people of America for the people of America even if instructed by there employer,in the White House and must answer to the Congress of America who they are employed under,
    As there wages and payments are by the tax payers of America,

  7. Get a clue House Democrats, there are no rules in government right now! You can do whatever you want. Break into offices. Freeze bank accounts. Extort confessions. Who's going to stop you? I don't see anyone. Michael Cohen certainly doesn't see anyone. Neither does Trump and his Legion of Doom. Fact is, the old playbook just isn't going to get it done on this one. The Roman empire eventually fell, but it was a long, long time after it realized the need for a Caesar to fight lawlessness with lawlessness. If Lady Justice has to come out of this with a black eye, so be it. She's tough.


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